LONDON, United Kingdom, 26th may 2015. - In the framework of the arts programme of the year of Mexico in the United Kingdom, it was inaugurated in this city the photographic exhibition of the Mexican artist Alinka Echeverria.


The artist and anthropologist show images across four separate projects, recently developed. Her exhibition examines how our cultural perspective has influenced the way certain political movements and anthropological phenomena are represented and remembered, as well as the relationship between knowledge and belief.


In this regard, on the first floor of the contemporary art gallery Gazelli Art House showcasts  devout pilgrims carrying their personal image of Our Lady of Guadalupe during the annual pilgrimage to Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City, the site of her miraculous apparition.


From 22th May until 27th June 2015, the public can also discover the work conducted by the photographer in the United States, the Republic of South Sudan and also  her most recent body of work, M-Theory, presenting a poetic interpretation of South Africa’s struggle against Apartheid, through photographs of the fingerprints of prominent figures of the struggle, such as Nelson Mandela.


Named ‘International Photographer of the Year’ of 2012 by the Lucie Awards, Echeverría previously won the HSBC Prize for Photography in 2011. She has also been shortlisted for the FOAM Talent Award, Magnum Expression Award and nominated for the Paul Huf, Prix Pictet, among others.