ABERDEEN, United Kingdom., 6th march 2015.- In a meeting with CEO´s of the oil and gas industry, in the oil capital of Europe, the State Visit of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto concluded, with which reaffirmed the presence of Mexico and strengthened the alliance with the United Kingdom and materialised several projects of exchange and bilateral cooperation instruments.


In the words of the President, more Mexicans will be able to study, travel and do business in the UK, and more British will visit Mexico as part of the celebration of the Dual Year between the two countries, this brings closer our societies, starting from a work agenda in science, innovation, culture and tourism.


"The Royal Family and Prime Minister perceive Mexico as a preferred destination for trade, investment, tourism and academic exchange; the High-Level Economic Group, will help strengthen economic exchanges, through increased trade and investment” he said.


The President explained in Scotland the new business opportunities that open up in Mexico with the enacted Energy Reform. He witnessed the signing of 4 agreements for greater technical and regulatory cooperation, and for the training of human resources.


Thus, with greater proximity to the UK, Mexico strengthens its international presence and generates more opportunities for its citizens. Congratulations on this productive State Visit.


President Enrique Peña Nieto highlighted that this state visit is undoubtedly a recognition of the work, friendship and good cooperation between the two nations.


"I want to make here, a testimony of recognition and gratitude to HM The Queen, for her hospitality to the delegation that came representing Mexico, as well as the government of Prime Minister David Cameron," he said.


The last event of his visit to the UK, President Peña Nieto toured Robert Gordon University where he greeted students from different nationalities and were presented several projects in the energy industry that are held in that institution. Right there he operated a virtual oil rig and machinery for exploration and drilling in deep water.


Before his return to Mexico City, the President gave a message to Mexican media, where he made a balance of his state visit, in addition to its formal character, there were held several meetings and agreements which intensified the bilateral relationship to detonate what is desire of the two governments, "to generate greater prosperity for our societies," he said.


The President said that during his meeting with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron pledged to work together in various multilateral forums such as measures to address climate change, clean energy and promotion of open governments, and starting from that point be much more transparent in our public affairs.


He reported that together they addressed issues concerning cooperation in the matters of education, science and technology, tourism and economic development, as well as the purpose of detonating in 2015 the bilateral relationship.


President Peña Nieto made a re-count of what were undoubtedly relevant topics:


Keep boosting development and intensively promote opportunities for mutual investment and expand the level of trade between the two countries. To this end, a High Level Economic Group with investors from both countries was created. He reported that he held various meetings with business groups to promote the qualities that the country has to attract and generate productive investment that will detonate jobs.


In education, important agreements were signed among them there was one for the recognition of diplomas issued in both countries, and greater collaboration and academic exchange between universities in both countries.


Similarly, the UK Government has decided to support scholarships to Mexican students to be trained and prepared in the UK, a country that almost out takes for five times the number of scholarships that previously had been providing for Mexican students.


It was also decided to expand cooperation in tourism promotion, recognising that UK is the third country for tourism in México and because of that it has a greater number of tourists and visitors each year; the year 2014 recorded nearly half a million tourists from UK visiting our country.


He said that as part of his State Visit, he went to the city of Aberdeen, the most important centre of the energy industry in the UK and one of the most important in Europe, where he promoted the Energy Reform enacted in México.


He stressed that there has been "very rapid pace for the proper implementation, and hope that the Energy Reform really conduct to generate more jobs, more productive investment in our country and, above all, to ensure greater energy independence for Mexico".