LONDON, United Kingdom, 8th March 2016.- Ignacio Prado, Mexican cyclist, won the second place in a sprint cycling race celebrated in this capital city, preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

On 2nd March Prado won a historical silver medal in the Scratch Race at the Track Cycling World Championships 2016. It is noteworthy to mention that this is the first time ever a Mexican gets to the podium since the first world championship held in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois.

The athlete visited the Embassy of Mexico minutes before the race, accompanied by his personal trainer, Ivan Ruiz, who recalled that Prado won two silver medals in the Pan-American Games of Toronto, as well as the Mexican and Latin American championships and then the world classification.

Diego Gomez-Pickering, Head of Mission, thanked the visit and took the opportunity to wish the best of lucks to Prado, reminding him his dual role, as an outstanding athlete and as "Ambassador" of Mexico in the competition.

Born in Guanajuato Mexican State, the cyclist assured the second place after completing 15 kilometres consisting of 60 laps at the London Velopark, just behind the Spanish Sebastian Mora-Vedri and in front of the Swiss Claudio Imhof.

The Mexican Team which participated in the Track Cycling World Championships 2016 was integrated by four riders, from which two participated in endurance heats and the other two in sprint races, in which Ignacio Prado won the medal.

It is noteworthy to mention, that in the women's competition, Belem Guerrero won the bronze medal in the Points Race, in 1997, and also did it in 1998, 2001 and 2004, whilst Nancy Contreras, from Mexico City, won the gold in 2001 and other four  medals in similar participations, besides two more silver medals won by Sofia Arreola, in Scratch race and Points race, in 2013.