LONDON, United Kingdom, 13th October 2015.- The fourth edition of the Business Outlook was held, organised by the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (MexCC) in collaboration with the consulting firm Bain and Company, in order to inform members of the commercial sector and representatives of British companies about the most important business opportunities in Mexico.


During the event, celebrated on the 8th October, entrepreneurship experts exposed in five panels of experts will discuss the status of the energy reform and bilateral opportunities for Mexican and British companies, covering the oil and gas reform and Round One of oil and gas tenders, the implementation of the electricity reform and what to expect in the renewables sector.


Among the panellists who participated was the former Secretary of Energy and former General Director of PEMEX, Jesus Reyes Heroles, who gave a very detailed explanation about the results of the first auction round, the appliance of the energy reform and the perspectives of renewable energy. The also former Ambassador of Mexico to the EE.UU. referred to the complexity that the transformation of PEMEX implies and the opportunities that this gives to create associations he also reiterated the impeccable character on which the two auctions of round one were conducted.


The seminar began with a keynote speech by Rodrigo Aguilera, of the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, who put into perspective the development of the Mexican economy, and concluded with closing remarks by Baroness Jane Bonham Carter and Ambassador Diego Gomez-Pickering summarising the progress made in the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the UK


The event also included a panel on the development of private capital markets, in which the panellists agreed on several recommendations to generate, specifically greater investment flows from UK to Mexico, issues related to the stability, security and the application of the rule of law.


Subsequently a presentation on the proposed new airport in Mexico City was conducted, which captivated the audience, because it is an architectural and engineering challenge in a lake and seismic zone. It was also highlighted the self-sustaining nature of the project which will be developed by architects Norman Foster and Fernando Romero.


The energy reform and Round One were two of the main issues that were discussed. Discussed by consultants and private sector representatives involved in auctions such as Riverstone, a fund with important participation in some of the winning companies. The Round One discussion panel was moderated by the head of economic affairs at the Embassy of Mexico, he agreed on the transparency of the process, and highlighted the flexibility of the Mexican authorities and readiness to listen to the private sector.


To complement the event, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (MexCC), headed by Yves Hayaux du Tilly, hosted a gala dinner in which he recalled that the Chamber promotes foreign investment between the British and Mexican business community, in the United Kingdom.


This was attended by Justice of the Supreme Court (SCJN), Jose Fernando Franco González Salas, Jane and Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, Trade Envoy of Prime Minister David Cameron to Mexico.