LONDON, United Kingdom, 23rd October 2015.- Mexico presented its candidacy to get re-elected, as Category ‘C’, in the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for the biennium 2016-2017.

Throughout this campaign, Mexico reaffirms its commitment to strengthen its presence at the United Nations specialized maritime agency which headquarters are in this capital city, and also announced that soon will nominate its Maritime Ambassador.

In a ceremony held on 19th October at the Official Residence of the Government of Mexico, Ambassador Diego Gomez-Pickering, recalled that during almost 60 years of membership, our country has maintained a committed presence at the IMO Council, which is formed by 40 countries, divided into three categories, according to their global maritime presence.

In his capacity as Permanent Representative to the IMO, the diplomat mentioned that Mexico is currently a Category “C” member at the Council for the respective biennium 2013-2015 which is near to end, for which he has formally submitted the bid for re-election for the referendum which will take place during IMO’s 29th General Assembly to be held from 23rd November to 2nd December.

Before diplomats and representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean Group, GRULAC, the Mexican diplomat said to his counterparts that their membership in the IMO has allowed Mexico to support safe maritime operations, contribute to the protection of the maritime environment through international treaties and increase its technical cooperation with member countries.

On the nomination of Maritime Ambassador of Mexico, he said that is an honorary and goodwill position, which will strengthen the efforts to promote the profession of seafarers and sailors as well as strengthening maritime culture in our country.

At the ceremony, the determination of the Permanent Representation of Mexico was reaffirmed to representatives of other countries to the IMO in order to maintain the same level of participation in the works of the IMO Council which on 1st January 2016 will begin a new phase with Mr. Lim Ki-tack as head of the General Secretariat.