LONDON, United Kingdom, 10th March 2016.- A delegation from the Mexican National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH, for its acronym in Spanish) achieved a working-visit with British representatives of energy, oil and gas sectors, in order to strengthen their technical knowledge in the bidding division.

By invitation of the FCO, the Mexican representatives, led by Deputy Director General of Biddings of the CNH, Azhanty Desiree Jheman Martinez, accomplished an agenda from 7th – 9th March which included interviews with officials of the Oil and Gas Council, from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, as well as with the Energy and Environmental Taxation, Business and International Tax Group.

In a meeting at the Embassy of Mexico with the Ambassador, Diego Gomez-Pickering they shared points of view around the evolution of the bidding process from the so called 1st Round, particularly just before the 4th phase for those international oil companies interested to invest in the exploration and deep-water extraction of hydrocarbons in Mexico, and also about the interest of different British institutions and companies for the energy transition in Mexico, after the implementation of the reforms to PEMEX.

In this meeting also participated Yves Hayaux Du Tilly, from the law firm Nader, Hayaux and Goebel and Carlos Sanchez Pavon, Regional Director of ProMéxico, the institution of the Mexican Government to boost trade and investment from abroad.

In this context it was recalled that with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (MexCC) and ProMéxico, among others organisations, it will take place in Mexico, in September 2016 the Mexico Day, which will feature a panel on the energy reform covering the hydrocarbons sector.

Likewise, it was agreed to follow up on the possibility that a commissioner of the CNH could attend an eventual invitation.