LONDON, United Kingdom, 16th March 2016.- Mexican Senators Luis Sanchez Jimenez (PRD), Deputy Chairman of the Directive Board of the Upper Camera and Silvia Guadalupe Garza Galvan (PAN), Chair of the Special Committee on Climate Change, are participating in the "Parliamentary Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development", from 14th to 17th March.

The conference was organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, which includes about 17,000 national, territorial, and provincial legislators from 180 parliaments from 53 countries. Its main goal is to strengthen parliamentary democracy in the countries of the Commonwealth, giving legislators a place to share, learn, compare and work together in promoting its values: democracy, the rule of law, human rights, good governance and social and economic development.

In addition to the participation of parliamentarians from the Commonwealth and other countries at the conference, it had the intervention of experts from international and non-governmental organisations, representatives of civil society and academia. To promote training and ensure the development and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), issues related to sustainable development, energy security and resource management were examined, and became known best practices, case of study, ideas and innovation.

On 15th March it was presented an Electronic Handbook on Sustainability, Energy and Development - Implementation of the SDG 2015-2030 - which will serve as an information centre and source of practical advice. This will provide background on the SDG and sustainable energy. In addition, among its objectives are to assist parliamentarians in the modification, amendment and approval of laws as well as to enhance the powers of control and supervision through commissions, parliamentary questions and debates, as can be found at the following site: http://www.uk-cpa.org/

Ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gomez-Pickering welcomed the initiative during a meeting with senators Sanchez Jimenez and Garza Galvan, on 14th March, during which they reviewed the current state of bilateral relations, the increase of trade and tourism flows and vision convergent between Mexico and the United Kingdom on climate change.

It is noteworthy to mention that the UK was the first country to proclaim a binding legal framework to reduce long-term emissions through the Climate Change Act, being Mexico the second country to do so.

The diplomat vowed to promote cooperation and exchange of best practices between parliamentarians of both countries, having registered three recent visits in both directions.