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MEXICO CITY, 8th July 2016 – Representatives of Mexico´s National Educational Workers Union (SNTE) and the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) agreed to comprehensively review the 12-point resolution handed to the Government by the teachers’ union. The primary aims were to strengthen and reach an agreement regarding the implementation of the Mexican Education Reform as well as to reassure teaching staff over the new system designed for their continued evaluation and training.


At the SEP’s Coro Alto Classroom, the President of the SNTE’s General Council, Juan Díaz de la Torre handed Education Secretary, Aurelio Nuño Mayer, a document stating the union’s requests. The meeting revealed clear similarities and conclusions between the SNTE’s position and the SEP’s own Educational Reform proposals.


It fell to Luis Manuel Hernández León, Coordinator of the SNTE’s National Collegiate for Security and Social Rights, to present an overview of the unionists’ position, further remarking the educational authorities’ speed in agreeing to hold talks.

On behalf of the Government, Otto Granados Roldán, the SEP’s undersecretary for Planning, Evaluation and Coordination, reiterated Secretary Nuño’s open disposition towards the SNTE’s requests. He considered that a crucial piece of legislation such as the Education Reform could be greatly strengthened through rigorous, prompt, professional and responsible reviews by both parties.


Both SEP and SNTE agreed to continue meeting in order to carry out a deep analysis of each of the 12 points proposed by the union.


The meeting was attended by Luis Manuel Hernández León (Coordinator of the National Collegiate for Security and Social Rights), Silvia Luna Rodríguez (President of the National Committee for Social Engagement), José García Mora (SNTE’s lead negotiator), Jorge Antonio Alfaro Rivera (General Director of the SINADEP Foundation), Soralla Bañuelos de la Torre (Federal Deputy and SNTE’s General Counsel), Gabriela Bañón Estrada (Sub-secretary General of Morelos’ Section 19) and María Antonieta Lascurain Vargas (member of the Council for Institutional Relations) on behalf of the SNTE.


On behalf of the SEP, Otto Granados Roldán (Sub-secretary for Planning, Evaluation and Coordination), Javier Treviño Cantú (Sub-secretary for Basic Education), Mauricio Dávila Morlotte (Education Secretary’s Chief of Staff), Ramiro Álvarez Retana (National Coordinator for Teaching Staff), Irma Gómez Cavazos (SEP’s Senior Officer), Miguel Augusto Castañeda Fernández (Head of the Unit for Legal Affairs), Raymundo Yáñez del Razo (General Director for Personnel) and Elisa Bonilla Rius (General Director for Curricular Development) attended negotiations.


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