LONDON, United Kingdom, 22nd April 2016.- Mexico participates with two feature films in the film Festival organised by ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) from 20th to 27th April.

On 24th April in the framework of Frames of Representation (FoR): New Visions for Documentary Cinema, which showcases new forms of documentary films and promotes the debate around the issues represented on screen, the Mexican film “Kings of Nowhere” (Los reyes del pueblo que no existe) directed by Betzabe Garcia, will makes its first screening  as part of its debut.

This feature film, included in the list of the Best Films 2015 of the Sight & Sound magazine, contributes to underpin that the film industry is a form to approach to the most marginal sectors of society.

The second Mexican documentary, which will also be screened on 24th April, entitled “The Letters” Las Letras, produced in 2015 and directed by Pablo Chavarria Gutierrez, shows in a dramatic way, through a dark, sensuous and almost hallucinatory imagery, the grim story of a social activist who writes to his daughter from prison.

It is noteworthy to mention that for the first time the Frames of Representation Festival includes six UK premieres profiling an international selection of filmmakers from China, Italy, Mexico, Poland, USA and UK, with tickets starting on £5, making this the ideal platform to promote Mexican films, directors, writers and cinematographers in Europe.