This project was born under the premise that "we can’t love something that we don’t know" and that is how Gabriela Badillo and the production company “HOLA COMBO” have created “Sixty-eight voices and Sixty-eight hearts".  The project is supported by the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA), Canal Once, the National Institute of Indigenous Languages and the Commission for the Indigenous Rights, and consists of a series of animated capsules, narrated in different Mexican indigenous languages, in order to promote pride, respect and the use of the Mexican indigenous languages.

    In Mexico, there are 364 linguistic variants, classified in 68 clusters and unfortunately at least half of these are in danger of accelerated extinction.

     Through the vision of seven authors and seven Mexican illustrators, 23 animated capsules have been created that tell stories, poems and legends, all based on the indigenous cosmogony of Mexico, addressing subjects as diverse as: the origin of life on earth, death, the birth of the sun and moon, how rainbows are originated and even the origin of jealousy.

     The tales are based on the popular culture, ancient traditions and stories that have been transmitted orally through generations in Mexican indigenous communities.

     These ancestral tales are told in their original indigenous language, subtitled in Spanish and some with English translations, thus sought to disseminate and promote the preservation of various indigenous worldviews of Mexico.



  1. Purépecha
    (The Virgin and the white fish of Michoacán)
  2. Tsotsil
    (The meeting of the “Espantagentes”)
  3. Tojolabal
    (The Tiger and the Cricket)
  4. Ayapaneco.
    (The wind)
  5. Matlatzinca.
    (The fireflies that embellish the trees)
  6. Tlahuica.
    (The witch)
  7. Otomí.
    (The beginnig of the world as we know it)
  8. Tojono O´otam.
    (The origin of the butterflies)
  9. Mazateco.
    (The origin of the rainbow)
  10. Tarahumara.
    (The origin of the Rarámuri and the Chabochi)
  11. Huichol.
    (The first sunrise)
  12. Pai pai.
    (The origin of jealousy)
  13. Seri.
    (The orgin of earth)
  14. Ch'ol.
    (The orgin of life)
  15. Mayo.
    (The origin of fire)
  16. Tseltal.
    (The origin of the Sun and Moon)
  17. Maya.
    (The last dance)
  18. Zapoteco.
    (Image of Prometheus)
  19. Náhuatl.
    (When a language dies)
  20. Mixteco.
  21. Totonaco.
    (My face is dying)
  22. Yaqui.
    (The red grasshopper)
  23. Huasteco.
    (How the rabbit reached the Moon)