LONDON, United Kingdom, 15th March, 2017. - The winners of the Camaradas Art Competition, organised by the Mexican Embassy in the UK were announced. Mexican artist Pablo Angel Lugo and British artist Eva Lis successfully developed, jointly an original project, which was the winner of the night.


In its fourth annual edition, Camaradas represented again an opportunity for artists to become "comrades" working in pairs, learning from each other, complementing their talent with their counterparts, exhibiting their artistic coincidences and promoting Mexico and the United Kingdom through a shared piece of work.


This year, the piece of sculpture of the binomial Lugo-Lis, entitled “Inhabitants of Nowhere”, in which the Japanese technique Kintsukuri was used to repair broken pottery, projecting the philosophy that transforms scars, fractures, or something that maybe considered unworthy, into something unique and beautiful.


The winning piece that impressed the jury, is made from pieces of broken English pottery which was assembled in Mexican excessive and fantastical style, giving it a new form, transmitting a message acknowledging the immigrants who envelope new customs, merging it with old habits, behaviours and ways of being.


At the award ceremony at the Menier Gallery, Min. David Najera Charge d' Affaires of the Embassy of Mexico, recalled that on this occasion the competition registered a record participation of 15 couple entries plus 2 especial individual exhibitions, whose  names could be found here.


Accompanied by the jury Jenny White, Head of Visual Arts Program at the British Council; Catherine Petitgas, Lecturer of Modern and Contemporary art, collector, patron and benefactor; George Blacklock, Dean of Chelsea College of Art, as well as the curator and founder of the Chalton Gallery, Javier Calderon, the Mexican diplomat welcomed the positive evolution of the work’s quality which has helped to consolidate the contest as an effective platform to promote the talent of Mexican and British artists.


With the support of the Mexican Agency for the International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID for its Spanish acronym) of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, the artworks will be exhibited at the Menier Gallery until the 18th of March 2017, giving a broad projection and promotion for the winners and the participants.


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