LONDON, United Kingdom, 19th January 2017.- With the support of the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom, the Centre for Public Impact will open a new office in Mexico City which will give –non profitable- consultancy to government institutions in order to efficient public policies.

The Centre, which is part of the Boston Consulting Group, plans to send some of its members, who are former administrators of the British public service and recognised members of the most prestigious British academic institutions, to offer advisory –without cost- to middle and upper positions of the Mexican public service to move forward in order to achieve of goals, objectives and results.

Likewise, a group of representatives of the Centre for Public Impact, led by the Programme Director, Danny Buerkli, met with Minister David Najera, Acting Ambassador of the Embassy of Mexico, giving a detailed route to establish its presence in Mexico in order to give consultancy to public organisms and institutions to check and improve its operational mechanisms.

It was also explained that the challenges which public administration currently faces are going through the design and implementation of efficient public policies which help to overcome geopolitical, economic, security and climate change challenges, among others, in an international environment that is rapidly changing and in which new technologies, such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and 3-D impressions, are just an example of how what was once was not possible, today is possible.

For this reason, the support of international expert groups is suitable for governments and institutions to get working "test centres" and new techniques that modify the mechanism of design of “tailored” public policies, to obtain new and better solutions to these challenges.

Representatives of the Centre for Public Impact agreed that governments need to do much more to meet the expectations of the population in different programmes and demonstrate the positive impact, through assessable mechanisms, in line with the recommendations of agencies such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The Centre for Public Impact proposes to systematically base processes to ensure the public outcome, implementing a three-step programme to ensure legitimacy through trust and government commitment: policy with clear objectives; Evidence and feasibility, and finally, measurable and manageable actions.