The Foreign Ministry Urges Mexicans to Avoid Nonessential Travel Over Easter Week

Press Release 115

The Government of Mexico reiterates its call for all Mexican citizens to avoid nonessential international travel to and from Mexico. This includes travel for recreational reasons or tourism, especially over Easter week. This is part of the measures taken to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Mexico and around the world.  In addition, the reduced number of flights and routes has greatly complicated the logistics of international air travel.

The Foreign Ministry urges our citizens who live abroad to stay home and avoid international travel.  Specifically, it again urgently calls on the Mexican community in the United States that traditionally travels to Mexico at Easter to postpone all visits to our country.  The measures recently put in place by both countries to contain the virus have reduced flights and limited nonessential border crossings.

On behalf of the Government of Mexico, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its commitment to providing all possible consular assistance and protection to our Mexican citizens abroad. However, given the current situation, it is extremely complicated to repatriate individuals at this time. Therefore, it is of paramount important to avoid nonessential travel abroad.