The Embassy of Mexico in New Zealand would like to inform you that the National Service for Health, Safety and Food Quality (SENASICA) is strengthening its sanitary measures to prevent the entry of African Swine Fever into Mexico (this disease is not present in the American continent).


As part of the actions being undertaken, the introduction of original pork products from the following countries is banned: Burundi, China, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Hungary, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Mali, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Zambia.


At the time of arrival in Mexico, travellers must declare whether during their stay in these countries they had contact with farm animals or zoos within 15 days of beginning their trip.


SENASICA has provided the link below to the list of products and agri-food by-products for tourist importation, as well as the items whose import is prohibited: https://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/298912/Permitidas_y_prohibidas.pdf