Applicable to foreign nationals who intend to enter Mexico with a temporary resident status in order to remain for longer than 180 days and less than 4 years. The visa could be renewed in Mexico.



The documents listed below must scanned and send in one single email to consularesnor@sre.gob.mx 


Upon reception and verification of the documentation, the Embassy will give you an appointment for an interview in less than 10 working days. If the visa is approved, the visa will be stamped in your passport the same day of the interview:


                                          I.            Filled application form (available here)  

                                        II.            Valid Passport;

                                     III.            Proof of legal residence in Norway (for those who are not Norwegian citizens);

                                     IV.            Official documents evidencing ANY of the following cases:

                                                          a.            Financial solvency:

   -Pay slips of the last 6 months proving a monthly income or pension of minimum 17, 250 NOK (after TAX), or

   -Monthly bank statements of the last 12 months proving that you have investments or a bank account balance with a monthly average of minimum 287,000 NOK.

                                                         b.               Proof that you will conduct scientific research in Mexican territorial waters.

                                                         c.               Letter of invitation from an organization or a public or private institution to participate in a non-remunerated activity.

                                                         d.               Under an international legal instrument for the mobility of persons.

                                                         e.              Family link (parents, under 18 years children, spouses, domestic partners) to a Mexican or a foreign person who holds a temporary, student, or permanent resident visa.

                                                          f.              Notarial deed stating ownership of real estate in the National territory of Mexico with a value of minimum 2, 295, 000 NOK

                                                        g.               Investments

-Legal proof of participation of capital in a Mexican company with at least 1,150,000 NOK or

-Document proving the ownership of personal property by a foreign corporation, with a value exceeding 57,400 NOK for economic or business purposes, or

-Proof of economic activities in Mexico


Once you have been granted an appointment you will have to come to the Mexican Embassy and present:


a)     Application form and all documents previously sent by email in original 


b)    1 passport size photograph (recent, color photo measuring 3.0 x 3.5 cm, front view, with white background, without glasses and/or piercing). Homemade photos will NOT be accepted;


c)     Pay the Visa fee at the Embassy. The Embassy only accepts Norwegian debit cards. The fee is 40 USD equivalent to NOK according to the exchange rate. Some other immigration fees may apply depending on the case. 




ü  In all cases, the visa stamped on the passport must be exchanged for a residence card upon arrival to Mexico within the first 30 calendar days after. The residence card is issued by the Mexican Immigration Institute (INM) and is proof of legal stay and allows the person to remain in the country. To apply for an appointment you must contact the INM   www.inm.gob.mx  


ü  Note- If you will have a job in Mexico and receive your wages in Mexico, your employer must apply on your behalf at the National Immigration Institute (www.inm.gob.mx)before applying for a visa at the Embassy. 


ü  Holding a visa does not guarantee entry to Mexico. Having a visa allows you to travel to a port of entry and request permission to enter Mexico. The Immigration Institute of Mexico is responsible for admission of travellers.