Dear applicant,

We appreciate your interest in visiting Mexico. Please read the following information carefully.

Kindly note that travelers who wish to visit Mexico, regardless of their nationality, holding a valid, multiple entry visa for the United States of America, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom or the Schengen Space countries DO NOT need to apply for a Mexican visitor’s visa: tourist, business or in transit (less than 180 days stay).
Permanent residents or citizens of those same countries who wish to travel to Mexico, as visitors, DO NOT require a Mexican visa.

All applicants must present the following documents, in addition to the specific requirements in each case:
- A valid passport containing, at least, two pages available for visa stamping. Please include a photocopy of the personal information page and the one indicating the renewal of the document, if applicable.
- One passport size, color, recent photo, with white background, facing front and without spectacles or hair dressings.
- Visa application form ( duly filled and signed with the picture attached.
- If you are not a Kenya citizen, proof of your legal stay in the country (i.e. valid visa or ID card from the East Africa Community -EAC).

According to the purpose of your trip, below you will find the additional requirements for a visitor’s visa:

a) Roots/ties to your country of residence:
1. Title deed for properly registered land, at least two years ago, under your name AND proof of stable employment for, at least, the past two years; OR
2. Title deed for properly registered land, at least two years ago, under your name AND proof of your ownership of a business or your participation in it for, at least, the past two years.

b) Solvency:
1. Proof of employment or pension with a net monthly income of approximately $725 USD or its equivalent in your currency, for the last three months AND proof of having a stable employment for, at least, the last year. Certified pay slips or certified bank statements showing constant deposits from the same source are accepted;
2. Certified banks statements or proof of investment with a minimum monthly average balance of approximately $2,170 USD or its equivalent in your currency, for the last three months.
3. If you are a student permanently enrolled at a higher education institution, you must present proof of studies AND employment, stipend or scholarship with a minimum net income of approximately $ 435 USD, for the last three months.

c) Letter of commitment from a public or private entity
1. Original Letter, hand-signed, from an institution or organization on letterhead paper appointing the foreigner for an event in Mexico, containing:
- Name and nationality of applicant
- Name and purpose of the organization, as well as registration information of the organization
- Address and contact information for the organization
- Specific activity to participate in and time length
- Clear statement about taking care of all of the expenditures for the applicant during his or her stay in Mexico and to commit to the applicant’s return home, and
- Copy of the ID of the person who signs the letter.
2. Any private organization must prove solvency to engage in the commitment referred above by submitting proof of investments or certified bank statements with a monthly average balance of approximately $7,230 USD or its equivalent in your currency, for the last twelve months.
3. Provide documentation proving you have the experience, ability, skills or knowledge necessary to undertake the activity you have been invited to participate in. In this sense, a letter from your employer should suffice.
Please note that Mexican public institutions, as well as academic institutions that are part of the National Education System of Mexico are not required to prove solvency.

d) Studying in Mexico for less than six months:
1. Letter of acceptance from the institution containing the following:
- Full names of applicant, nationality and level of education
- Details of course to be undertaken including the full names of the courses
- Specific commencement dates of the course and the fee structure
- Identification information of the institution.
2. Prove solvency to cover tuition and costs for your stay in Mexico for the specific period, through:
i. Certified bank statements or proof of investments with a monthly average balance of approximately $1,085 USD or its equivalent in your currency, for the last three months; OR
ii. Proof of employment, pension or scholarship with a monthly income of approximately $725 USD or its equivalent in your currency, for the last three months.
Solvency may be proved by spouse, parents or legal guardians if applicable or through a letter from the institution that granted the scholarship.

e) Participation in an official event of the Government of Mexico
1. Letter of invitation from the government entity, containing:
- Full name of applicant and nationality
- Name of the government entity sponsoring the event and information about the occasion, including its duration, and
- Name and signature of government officer coordinating the event.
2. Introduction letter from the entity in your country sending you to the event.

ONCE READY, SEND US AN EMAIL WITH SCANNED COPIES OF ALL DOCUMENTS IN SUPPORT OF YOUR VISA APPLICATION IN *.PDF FORMAT, TO:Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. . ATTACHMENTS SHOULD NOT EXCEED 9MB PER EMAIL IN ORDER TO BE RECEIVED.
Once we have verified your documentation is ready, we will send you the banking details to pay the visa fee (44.00 USD). If your application is accepted, you will be scheduled for a visa interview.

If the application is DENIED there will be NO REIMBURSEMENT of the visa application fee.
• EARLY APPLICATION IS HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED. Processing of visa application takes up to 10 days from the day we receive your complete application.
• Submission of supporting documents does not guarantee the visa issuance.
• Since no assurance regarding the issuance of visas can be given in advance, final travel plans or the purchase of non-refundable air tickets should not be made until you have the visa.
• The visa does not guarantee admission to Mexican territory. Admission to Mexico is conditioned on compliance with the entry requirements established in national legislation and the approval of the immigration authority at the port of entry.
• Please bring originals and photocopies (printed on both sides)of all the supporting documents on the appointment date.





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