■Student Temporary Resident Visa■

Foreigners who wish to study in Mexico for a period greater than 180 days to attend courses, pursue studies, or conduct research projects at an educational institution belonging to the National Educational System in Mexico, must apply in person for a Student Temporary Resident Visa.


1. Passport (original and copy)
2. Residence card of Japan
3.Application form Application form 
4. A color picture (3cmx4cm, white background, without glasses, front view)
5. Original and a photocopy of the letter of acceptance from the institution where the applicant intends to study. This letter must be written in Spanish and include:
1) Applicant´s full name.
2) Level, degree and area of study
3) Name of the course to which s/he has been accepted
4) Start and end dates of the course (It´s necessary to be written the exact dates and not
approximate date).
5) Cost of school fees (If you are exempt from the pay of school fees, it´s necessary to be
mentioned that fact).
6) Contact information for the educational institution and registration number of National Educational System.
7) School name and its contact information (address, phone number and e-mail)
8) Name, position and the signature of the person in charge.
*The letter must be addressed to the applicant or Mexican Embassy in Japan, Consular section.
Matters to be included (Spanish version) 

6. Proof of economic solvency
Please submit one of these document A, B or C.
A. Certificate of bank balance: Please turn in your bank book with its copy and a translation in Spanish or English. 
You need to prove that your average monthly balance is more than 102,680 Mexican pesos for last 3 months (The month that you apply your visa is not counted in 3 months). Please refer the attached file to make your translation. Translation of bank balance (ANEXO 2)
B. Salary certificate which proves that you receive more than 10,268 Mexican pesos each month for the last 3 months .
*The certificate must include the signature of the person in charge and the company seal.
*If the document doesn't contain the company seal, the photocopy of identification (passport) of the signer is also required.
*The month that you apply for the visa is not counted in the 3 months.

Certificate of Income 

C. Certificate of scholarship
You need to prove that you receive more than 10,268 Mexican pesos each month for last 3 months and also you need to turn in certificate of enrollment from your school.
*You can turn in this document only when you study at university or graduate school. In case that you study in any language school or vocational college, it wouldn’t be applied.

6. Visa fee (36.00 US dollars, we only accept Japanese yen. The fee depends on exchange rate.)
-You need to submit all the documents in original and a copy.
-Any hand writing document is not acceptable.
-All the document written in Japanese need to be attached with a translation in Spanish or in English.
-The Mexican Consular Section has the right to request more documents if needed.

Additional documents

In the case of applicant under the age of 25, he/she can submit the proof of economic solvency of his/her parents
  -Family register (Koseki)
      -Translation of family register in English or Spanish
      -Photocopy of the parents' identification (passport or driver license).

・Applicant under the age of 18 years old
      -Family register (Koseki)
      -Translation of family register in English or Spanish
      -Photocopy of the parents' identification (passport or driver license)
*The applicant must come to our office with his/her parents

Visa appointment
You can make an appointment for visa application via internet. Please access this website.