Legalization (Attestation)


 The Embassy of Mexico in Iran only legalizes documents issued in the following countries:







The document must bear the legalization/attestation - not older than six months- of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where it was issued.


1.    Send a high quality scanned copy of the document to be legalized showing the legalization of the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2.    The Embassy will inform if it can proceed with the legalization or if a further verification by the relevant Foreign Ministry is required. In this case, the process may take up to 8 weeks.


3.    When the Embassy confirms that the legalization can proceed:


a.    Applicants in Iran: an appointment will be set for you to present the original document and a photocopy at the Embassy, during which you will be provided with the bank account details to make the consular fee* deposit.


b.    Applicants outside Iran: you will need to arrange a delivery service to send the original document and a photocopy to the Embassy. Please inform us by email your choice of payment* between the following:

I. Payment in rials in Iran

II. Payment in Mexico (only when the Embassy approves)


4.    The Embassy will let you know once the legalization is completed for you to make the collection arrangements,which must be informed to the Embassy in order to hand over your document.



* The consular fee for each legalization is USD $36.00 (Thirty six 00/100) or its equivalent in Iranian Rials


·         Please be aware that the Embassy cannot proceed with the legalization until the fee payment is confirmed by our Administrative Department.


·         There are no refunds for payment of consular services.


·         The Embassy cannot arrange for collection or conveyance of any document.