The registration of death for the issuance of a certificate can only takes place if the deceased is a national of Mexico and has passed away in the circumscription comprised within the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana and concurrent countries.


  1. Present a certified copy of the death certificate issued by the competent authority of Ghana with its respective translation in Spanish.
  2. Prove the Mexican nationality of the deceased with any of the following documents:
  • Mexican passport
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality
  • Letter of naturalization
  1. Declaration of death by the appearing party, family, friend or authority.
  2. Official identification with photograph and signature of the appearing party.

It is also needed to provide the following information about the deceased:

  1. Name, surnames, age, occupation and address of the deceased;
  2. Marital status and, if applicable, name and surname of the spouse of the deceased;
  3. Names, surnames, age, kinship, house address and nationality of the declarant;
  4. Name, surnames, age, occupation, house address and nationality of witnesses;
  5. If the witnesses are relatives, kindly specify the degree to which they are;
  6. Name of the parents of the deceased, if known;
  7. The cause of death;
  8. The time of death, if known, as well as all reports that are available in case of a violent death.



- This process of registration has no cost.

- Certified copies can be requested separately, this attracts a fee.


Once you have all the documents, kindly contact the Embassy via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment.