If you have ever lived in Mexico, prospective employers may ask you for your criminal records. The Certificate of criminal records is issued by the Attorney General's Office in Mexico City (PGR) or local PGR offices in Mexico.

If you cannot present the documents personally in Mexico, the PGR requests a power of attorney in which you authorize someone in Mexico to apply for the certificate of criminal records on your behalf.


The Embassy can ONLY provide the applicant with a cover letter/ introductory letter, for which one must meet the following requirements stated below.


  1. Two passport-size photographs (1 front and 1 right profile) see measurements and specifications in the link below.
  2. Two sets of fingerprints (the Embassy can assist in taking these prints).
  • Official identification.
  1. Proof of residence in Mexico (Temporary Resident visa, Permanent Resident visa or other type of visa, as proof of the time spent in Mexico).
  2. Proof of residence in the current country of residence by means of, electricity, gas or water bill not older than 3 months or contract of residence.
  3. A simple power of attorney signed by two witnesses, authorizing a relative or friend in Mexico to carry out the process on your behalf. It must be presented at the Embassy with the photocopies of the official identification of the witnesses. Witnesses can be of any nationality.
  • Once you have all the documents, kindly contact the Embassy via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment.

For more information (in Spanish) about the process and requirements for a Certificate of Criminal records issued by the PGR, please visit the web link below: http://archivo.pgr.gob.mx/Servicios/Constancia/antecedentes%20registrales.asp.