Before applying for a visa, please read this important information...

Visitors of any nationality holding a valid US visa (or traveling from the USA to Mexico) whose purpose of travel is tourism, business or transit does not need to obtain a Mexican visa. The immigration authorities at the point of entry in Mexico (airport -border - port) will verify the validity of the USA visa (or flight ticket USA-Mexico) and the passport presented, and thereafter will grant entry to Mexican territory.

Visitors of any nationality whose purpose of traveling to Mexico is tourism, business or transit and who is a legal permanent resident in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan or the Schengen Countries are exempted in applying for a Mexican visa, the visitor has to prove permanent residency before the immigration authorities at the point of entry in Mexico (airport -border - port).

Visitors holding an ABTC card issued by APEC is exempted in applying for Mexican visa.

According to the Mexican law, obtaining a Mexican visa only allows its holder to arrive at the international transit point to request for permission to enter Mexico at the Mexican immigration filter. The visa does not guarantee the entrance to Mexican territory; the entrance depends on the final approval granted by the Mexican immigration officer at the point of entry.

Important Information

In accordance to National Institute of Migration of Mexico regulation, effective May 1st, 2010, all foreigners regardless their nationality traveling to Mexico, with a valid USA visa, will be allowed to visit Mexico through any port of entry – air, land, sea- without a Mexican Visa; this includes tourist, transit and business trips.

Foreign visitors can temporarily enter the country with the following articles free of duty:

  • Personal effects such as clothing and footwear in reasonable amounts, in accordance with the length of their visit, as well as the suitcases in which these articles are transported.
  • Used books or magazines for personal use. Also, a maximum of 5 toys transported normally by the visitor.
  • Medical supplies for personal use; a medical prescription is required if these contain narcotic substances.
  • Used sporting equipment.
  • A portable television set and a portable radio or tape recorder. Up to 5 laser discs, 5 DVDs and 20 CDs or cassettes.
  • A portable typing machine and a portable computer.
  • A musical instrument.
  • Fishing equipment, a pair of skis, two tennis racquets.
  • A cellular telephone, a film or video camera and one photographic camera and up to 12 rolls of film.
  • Additionally, if the person is over 18 years old, he/she can introduce to the country a maximum of 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, as well as 3 litters of beer, liquor or wine.
  • *If the articles brought to Mexico exceed the amount of 300 US dollars, the custom officers may request the visitor to pay the respective import duties.

Mexican currency is the Peso; the exchange rate is approximately 11.00 pesos for one U.S. dollar (October 2006). Major international credit cards are accepted in most commercial establishments, hotels, car rental companies and airlines.