Certificate for Household Goods List (menaje de casa) for temporary and permanent residents

General Description

Temporary or permanent visa/card holders (including students with temporary resident visa/card) that are travelling to Mexico to start their residence and will bring with them their household goods, have the right to apply for an exemption from foreign trade tax.

To claim this exemption, you will need to apply for a Consular Certificate for the list of Household Goods at the Embassy.



What is included in Household Goods?

According to Custom Law regulation, household goods are classified as the following used goods (new household goods must be bought at least 6 months in advance to importing them to Mexico):

·         Furniture, clothing, linen and appliances that are exclusively and properly for the ordinary use of a family
·         Clothing, books, bookshelves, works of art or science that do not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions or art galleries
·         Scientific instruments of professionals, and tools of workers and craftsmen as long as they are essential for the development of their profession, art or craftsmanship (they cannot constitute complete collections for the installation of laboratories, clinics or workshops).
·         For journalists only, items necessary for the practice of journalism in print, radio or televisión



What is not included in Household Goods?

Household Goods do not include goods which have been used overseas for commercial or industrial purposes, nor those which may be regulated under the Federal Vehicle Registry Act. It is not acceptable to import tax-free motor vehicles under household goods



Who can apply for a Certificate of the list of Household Goods?

Temporary residents and temporary student residents holding a valid Mexican visa OR temporary resident card can apply for a temporary importation of household goods.
Permanent residents holding a Mexican visa OR permanent resident card can apply for a definitive importation of household goods, in similar conditions as Mexican citizens returning Mexico to reside.
Visitors cannot be exempted from the importation of taxes for Household goods.



Permanent residents can only request the certificate to the Household Goods list in the following circumstances, for which there are no exceptions:
a.    The passenger brings or carries household goods with him or her when starting their residence in Mexico.
b.    The household goods arrive or leave within three months of entry or arrival of the passenger when he/she started their residence in Mexico.
c.     The household goods arrive up to 6 months after the date of arrival in Mexico when the applicant started their residence in Mexico.




1.    Letter of request for Household Goods.
You must state your current address in the Philippines and the address of the place where you will be residing in Mexico. Temporary and permanent residents must also include the following:
a)    Temporary residents: your written commitment to return your household goods outside of Mexico once your residence is over and that you will inform the customs authorities if you change your address while you are living in Mexico. You can follow this model.
b)    Permanent residents: the written confirmation that you have not applied for the certificate of Household Goods in the last fiscal year. You can follow this model.
2.    Valid Mexican Temporary or Permanent Resident card or visa. The issue date of the visa or card cannot exceed six months.
3.    Current Passport

4.    Packing list of Household Items signed by the applicants on each and every page.
The list should contain a detailed description of the goods and their quantity. In the case of electronic items, brand, model and serial number must be included. The following model can be used.


Application Process

1.    Choose a date and time for your appointment via . You can select the language on the upper right corner of the website. Guide to schedule an appointment.
2.    Submit documents in person
3.    On the day of the appointment, you will be required to bring four sets of all documents and the fee for the certificate (cash, exact amount). Please note that the four sets of letters and household items lists must include your original signature.
4.    Sign the certificate
5.    The documents for the certificate will be received and reviewed on the date and time of the appointment. If complete, the certificate will be charged and processed. The certificate will be issued on afternoon of the same day or next day. Once it is issued, it must be signed by the applicant.



·         The costs are adjusted each month according to current exchange rates.
·         All consular fees must be paid in cash, exact amount. Credit and/or debit cards are not accepted.


Other Important Information

On the day of the appointment, three sets of documentation and certificates will be given to you while the fourth piece of documentation will remain at the Embassy. Of the three certificates, you must give one to the moving company, the other to Customs in Mexico (via your customs broker/moving company) and the third will remain for y¬our personal file.

If you are unable to visit the Consular Office to request a certificate for Household Goods, you may appoint a representative through public deed or a simple power of attorney letter (it is essential that two witnesses sign the letter and that they provide pieces of valid identification), so your representative can make the necessary steps to apply for and obtain the certificate for household items. The representative must come to the Embassy with all the required documents to get the Certificate of Household Goods.

If you request the certificate by presenting only your temporary/permanent visa, you will be required to show your permanent/temporary resident card in Mexico for the customs broker to be able to retrieve your items.
Once the itemised list has been certified by the embassy, it cannot be modified. Make sure that all items are including on the list. If they are not, you will be required to pay the corresponding taxes by the customs authorities.



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I will apply for a temporary/permanent resident visa. Can I apply for the certificate on the same day of the visa appointment?
No. Temporary/permanent visas are issued up to 5 days after the consular interview is held. The certificate cannot be processed unless the visa has been issued. However, on the day of the consular interview you can leave at the embassy all necessary documents for the certificate (including the consular fee). If the visa is granted, the certificate will be processed and you will be able to sign it and collect it on the same day that you collect your visa.
If the visa is not granted, the documents and the fee for the menaje will be returned to you when you collect your Passport.


Do I need to wait to receive my temporary/permanent resident card in Mexico to be able to apply for the certificate?

No. You can apply for the certificate with your temporary/permanent resident visa. However, you will be expected to have your temporary/permanent resident card to be able to retrieve your belongings when they arrive in Mexico. If you are a permanent resident of Mexico, remember to refer to the information above to take into consideration the specific timeframe to request the certificate.


I am a permanent resident and started living in Mexico a year ago, but never requested the menaje since my household items were still in the Philippines. Can I apply for it now?
No. Permanent residents can only request the certificate in the same specific time frames that apply to Mexican citizens returning to Mexico to reside, for which there are no exceptions. Refer to the information above to learn more about this time frame.


Can the embassy send the certificate directly to Mexican customs?

No. You will need to hire a customs broker to follow the process in Mexico. In some cases, the same transportation company that will transport your belongings to Mexico have customs brokers to do this process. It is important that you confirm with your transportation company if they also do this process. Otherwise, you will need to hire a customs broker.


I’m unable to travel to Makati to request the certificate. Can someone else request it on my behalf?

Yes. You must sign a simple letter granting authorization to someone else to request the certificate on your behalf. The letter must be signed by you, the person who you are granting the authorization to and two witnesses. You can follow this model.

Four copies of the letter and of the copies of the ID of everyone who signed the letter, must be shown on the day of the appointment along with the rest of the documentation required to apply for the menaje.


What happens if I do not apply for a certificate for the importation of household goods?

If you are bringing your household items with you, you will have to pay the corresponding taxes to import them into the country. Please refer to a customs agent to learn about the approximate fees and the process that you will have to follow.


For more information, please contact:
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