Mexico is considered as the second largest economy in Latin America. With a rich cultural history and diversity, and abundant natural resources, Mexico has strong macroeconomic institutions and it is also open to trade with the foreign players in the international market. The national government of Mexico has implemented stable and sustainable fiscal and monetary policies, which aided Mexico to be one of the emerging markets globally.

Aside from the national policies in increasing its trade and investment, Mexico also has trading partners and agreements with other countries. These partnership fosters stability, investment, and growth in the private sector. One of the most important of these, are the establishment of free trade agreements between countries for the liberal exchange of goods, services, and resources. As such, Mexico is also an active economic partner around the world.

In this section, you will find Mexico’s comprehensive Free Trade Agreements, which purpose are to reduce the barriers to trade, including tariffs and import quotas, to build strong cooperation in the exchange of goods and services.



List of Mexico’s Free Trade Agreements

Mexico- European Union Free Trade Agreement


United States Mexico Canada Agreement

The Pacific Alliance


Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

Mexico- European Free Trade Association



List of Mexico’s Multilateral Forums

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

World Trade Organization

Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation