Mexico has become one of the players in the current world economy. It is a country full of opportunities because of its various assets, including stable and rapid growth of the economy, its free trade agreements, having a real democracy, and its diversity which are strong factors in setting up a business for both local and international entrepreneurs. Mexico has also become a natural platform for trade and investment due to its strategic geographic position, which plays an important role in international trade.

Mexico removed significant foreign investment barriers for easier access and development. Therefore, foreign investors are already taking advantage of the potential that Mexico offers in the international market.

In this section, this will provide you information regarding the general overview of Mexican and Philippines’ legal frameworks, its investment opportunities, and the necessary requirements and procedures in establishing businesses in both countries for foreign companies.


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Basic Guide for Foreign Investors  

Ease in doing business


Doing Business in Mexico
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  Doing Business in the Philippines
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How to put up a business?

  How to put up a business?