Palabras del Embajador Eduardo Medina Mora en la clausura del evento "A Celebration of Mexico"

Biblioteca del Congreso – Coolidge Auditorium

13 de diciembre de 2013

The words are gratitude and celebration.

To dream, to imagine and then to manufacture a future a better future for us all, we need, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­we have to review to revisit past and present.

This event has gifted us with familiar and well known perspectives. But for the most part, we’ve seen new and very refreshing perspectives of Mexico and the Mexican people, our past, our present, and a hint of the brilliant future, things to be grabbed, captured.

Also, the perspectives of Mexican Americans, Latinos in the US and Mexico and their powerful vision of themselves, of Mexicans, of Americans, of us, tú y yo, ustedes y nosotros.

History, the Aztecs, Mexicas, Nahuatl, -literature, from testimonial and personal accounts to poetry, to imaginative creative fiction, playful and full of joy; music from Mariachis to Revueltas and Ponce or the other way around; Mexican food, the very first fusion cuisine in world history: combining Pre-Hispanic milpa (spice and color) and Spanish ingredients and form, and an explosion of culture. Even margaritas.

Mexico and the US share geography. Even if we do not quite understand each other enough, we are not going anywhere. We share vibrant trade and a very effectively integrated value added manufacturing and service complex. We share a history.  Above all we share a people:  Mexicans-Americans, Anglos, Mexicans, Americans, Latinos, English, Spanish, indigenous language.  The bridge is our people.  It is not you, not me, it is clearly us.

Mexico is celebrated here in this gigantic institution. I say gigantic not because of the number of books, films, audiograms, and documents, but for its ability to bring forth new realities.

We now go back home, but we walk away with an enriched vision and a widened perspective.  We walk away as better neighbors, better friends, and undoubtedly, better human beings.

I would like to convey my gratitude to the Library of Congress, to Dr. James Billington for celebrating his twin, Living Legend, Miguel Leon Portilla, for celebrating Mexico, for celebrating Mexico in the US and our friendship, for celebrating the best in us.

Thanks to Robert Dizard, Maria Arana, Barbara Tenebaum, Laura Ramirez Rasgado and the staff at the Library and the Embassy.