Palabras de la Embajadora Bárcena en la inauguración de Latina’s Prosperity Summit

24 de septiembre de 2019



  • Latinas have contributed to opening new paths of success and well-being for the Mexican American and the Latino communities in the United States.


  • As the first female Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S., I am proud to talk about the Latinas’ contribution to the prosperity of this nation. As I’ve said many times, Latinos and Latinas are the past, the present and the future of this country.


  • Hispanic Americans are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, and by 2050, the Hispanic population in the U.S. is expected to reach 106 million.


  • Latinas of all walks of life work tirelessly to contribute to their communities and to the country as a whole.


  • The Hispanic community is, nowadays, the most economically vibrant. It holds the highest rate of new businesses creation than any other community.


  • The more than 4.3 million Hispanic-owned businesses contribute with over $700 billion to the American economy each year.


  • Integration of Latinas into the economy, culture and social fabric of this country has resulted in growth and prosperity to the American society as a whole.


  • Latina women entrepreneurs, in particular, represent the fastest growing segment of small business owners in US
    • There are 800,000 Latina-owned businesses.


  • I am convinced that Latinas’ role will continue to shape the next generation of Hispanic leaders and, in consequence, the future of this country.


  • Looking forward, and trying to answer the question of what can we do to encourage Latinas to keep thriving in the business sector, I think, firstly, we should listen more closely to what they have to say.


  • Their stories are so diverse and inspiring that they need to be systematically heard and shared.


  • Raising the visibility of successful Latinas will encourage more women to realize that they can be the next successful entrepreneur or leader.


  • Just four months ago, I had the honor to give the Ohtli award to two admirable Latinas: Teresa Romero and Domenika Lynch. Even though they were not entrepreneurs, the Ohtli recognition, which means ‘path’ in Náhuatl, is designed to celebrate the achievements of outstanding leaders that have contributed to opening new paths of success and well-being for the Mexican and Mexican American communities in the United States.


  • These recognition and public forums propagate the message of successful everyday Latinas that can resonate with women across the country.


  • The inequality that women, especially Latinas, continue to face in the workforce is a structural problem, and its reversal requires a continuous and systematic effort to eradicate outdated conceptions and make equality a full reality.