4 de mayo de 2017


Mr. Vice-president,

Secretary Acosta,


Queridos connacionales,


Dear friends representing the Mexican-American and Hispanic communities in the United States,   


It is a great honor to be here today.


The celebration of “Cinco de Mayo” commemorates an important milestone towards Mexico’s consolidation as an independent country, as well as the friendship that binds Mexico and the United States.


This date has become a truly binational occasion, reflecting the familial, historical, cultural and economic ties that exist between our two nations.


It also serves as a reminder of our shared commitment to the continued strengthening of our friendship and to the advancement of the well-being of our peoples.


Tomorrow, we will mark the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, where an outnumbered but proud and determined Mexican army defeated the invading forces of what was then the French Empire.


This victory was celebrated all over Mexico. Americans and Mexican-Americans in the United States joined us in celebrating the shared values of freedom, democracy, justice and self-determination.  


Cinco de Mayo has now evolved and surpassed its original significance. The United States has made it a a very important date of its own, in which it recognizes the invaluable contributions of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to the culture and prosperity of this great country.


This is as important today as it has always been.


As we celebrate our binational bonds, I am convinced that the mutual benefits of our relationship and a constructive and open vision will always help us find common ground, as well as win-win solutions as we meet shared challenges and even differences between us.


We must always view our interaction in a comprehensive manner, as Mexico and the United States have much at stake in their relationship.


Mr. Vice-president,

Ladies and Gentlemen


True friendship, they say, must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity to be worthy of its name. I believe that Mexico and the United States have together, on multiple occasions, successfully faced hardships and overcome difficulties so that today we may rightly claim to be true friends.


May this Cinco de Mayo remind us all, as Presidents Benito Juarez and Abraham Lincoln foresaw, that a strong and successful Mexico is in the best interest of the United States, as much as a strong and successful United States is in the best interest of Mexico.


Thank you.