We take this opportunity to celebrate, in this beautiful and symbolic venue, the permanent display of bravery, courage and dignity of Mexico’s military forces. On February 19, 1913, with the support of the Congress of Coahuila, after President Madero was murdered by Victoriano Huerta, Mr. Venustiano Carranza obtained special powers that allowed him to build military forces and restore constitutional order.

In just 18 months, this People's Army defeated Huerta's troops and took control of Mexico City. Thus began the tradition of loyalty to our Constitution, to the laws and to the institutions of our country’s army.

In recent years we have witnessed the social commitment, call to service and deep love for Mexico of our military forces. We have seen their support for the best causes in our society and their invaluable contribution to building a better country and a more prosperous and secure region.

With their dedication and effort, they contribute to the goal of the Mexican State to achieve a prosperous and peaceful Mexico. Our armed forces are always there, where they are needed: we see them in the north, south and center of the country always serving with discipline and courage; extending a friendly and helping hand. We see them committed to the cause of Mexico.

We also see them helping beyond our borders, bringing their knowledge and experience to other countries. Their modernization and professionalization are recognized by other nations that seek to learn from them. Our armed forces have also joined our commitment to a Mexico with greater global responsibility.

Mexico is now experiencing a profound transformation in which all sectors and institutions are called upon to do their part, to be factors and promoters of change and to improve the quality of life of all Mexicans and achieve a modern, thriving and inclusive Mexico. Our armed forces are no exception to this obligation.

Today we are gathered to celebrate and express our gratitude for their commitment, discipline and strength, which allows Mexico to continue to be a free, united and sovereign nation; a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic nation.

Mexico has full confidence in the army to safeguard our nation and its people. The army will continue enriching this history of honor and heroism while maintaining the social respect and recognition that have distinguished them during over a hundred years of exemplary service and unconditional loyalty.