July 07, 2020


President Lopez Obrador to attend dinner offered by President Trump, at the White House



Due to the USMCA coming into effect, during his official work visit to the United States, President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador will attend a dinner offered by the president Donald J Trump on his honor at the White House, next Wednesday, 8th of July.


Besides the official government entourage, several entrepreneurs from both countries will participate in the meeting. Joining the Mexican Head of State:


Patricia Armendáriz Guerra (Financiera Sustentable).

Carlos Bremer Gutiérrez (Grupo Financiero Value).

Daniel Chávez Morán (Grupo Vidanta).

Bernardo Gómez Martínez (Grupo Televisa).

Francisco González Sánchez (Grupo Multimedios).

Carlos Hank González (Grupo Financiero Banorte).

Miguel Rincón Arredondo (Bio Pappel).

Ricardo Salinas Pliego (Grupo Salinas).

Marcos Shabot Zonana (Arquitectura y Construcción).

Carlos Slim Helú (Grupo Carso).

Olegario Vázquez Aldir (Grupo Empresarial Ángeles).

Just like the rest of the presidential visit, the work dinner has as a goal to celebrate the entry into force of the USMCA, as well as to explore the new possibilities to increase investment, employment, and wellbeing for the people of both nations, thanks to the new agreement.