The Government of Mexico recognizes the decision of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas to temporarily suspend the entry into force of several provisions of law SB4.


This temporary suspension prevents, among other things, police in the state from being required to question the immigration status of those they arrest.


It also prevents immigration agencies from forcing state and local authorities to keep immigrants in jails or prisons until they can be handed over to immigration authorities.


The Government of Mexico, through its consular network in Texas, will continue strengthening efforts to prevent violations of immigrants’ rights and provide them with consular protection and assistance. Additionally, we will closely follow the implementation of the parts of SB4 that were not blocked.


The Mexican Government will continue to closely follow the judicial process surrounding this temporary suspension.


This decision is especially important for the immigrant community facing the emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey. This situation is being attended to by the consulates of Mexico, which are offering broad consular assistance and protection to Mexicans who have been victims of the storm.


We call on the Mexican Community to reach out to the Mexican consulates in Texas, or call the Center for Information and Assistance to Mexicans (1-855-463-6395), a toll-free line which operates 24 hours a day, in order to stay informed on SB4 and receive consular assistance if necessary.