Washington DC, November 10, 2016


Dear countrymen, 

The political transition underway in the United States will not be without challenges, but be certain that this embassy, our consulates and the foreign ministry will meet those challenges with firmness, reinforcing our information, protection and orientation services that Mexicans in this country require.  

As in months past and during this change of government, we will remain in contact with president-elect Donald Trump’s team in order to stress to him, as our president did this week, the importance of the bilateral relationship with Mexico and the enormous contributions of the Mexican community in the United States.   

In this time of change, it is indispensable to turn to official sources to stay informed and contact your consulate with any doubts you may have. 

Additionally, be aware that unscrupulous individuals may try to abuse the current situation by offering you fraudulent or unnecessary legal services.  

As you know, the transition of power in the United States will occur next January 20th. Until then, all current legal provisions will remain in place.  

We are at your service to advise you on any need or doubt you may have, and we invite you to take advantage of our existing protection mechanisms.  

You are not alone. The constant, dedicated and professional work carried out by members of the Mexican Foreign Service is here to help you and ensure that wherever you are, your civil, legal, labor and social rights are respected.   

All of you make contributions each day with your efforts, intellect and work for the progress of our two countries, and we recognize you for what you have achieved, what you can become and what you will be.