Washington, D.C. August 29, 2016 

Work Visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Embassy of Mexico informs that Ambassador Carlos Sada accompanied the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, and the Under Secretary for North America, Paulo Carreño King, during their work visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

During the visit, Secretary Ruiz Massieu led the inauguration ceremony of the new Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee, which became the 50th Mexican consulate in the consular network our country has in the United States. The representation will assist the Mexican community in the area, providing them services such as documentation, consular protection, advice on legal and immigration issues, as well as engage in the promotion of Mexican commerce, culture and businesses, in addition to community activities. The new consulate will allow Mexico to strengthen the good relationship we have enjoyed with officials in Milwaukee for many years, and with whom we will work to ensure that Consular ID Cards are accepted as supporting identification documents in the future.

Several local, state and federal legislators were present at the inauguration, notably Senator Ron Johnson (D) and Representative Sean Duffy (R), whom have closely followed the opening of the consulate in their state. Both legislators have expressed their willingness to work with the Government of Mexico to strengthen and broaden the bilateral relationship in Wisconsin.

The Foreign Secretary, the Under Secretary and the Ambassador met with businessmen in Wisconsin, among them were Mexican businessmen who work in the region and directors of organizations promoting economic development in the state. The three officials also participated in a luncheon with community leaders, during which the Foreign Secretary bestowed Dr. Anselmo Villareal, President and CEO of the Casa de Esperanza, with the Ohtli award. Dr. Villareal was formerly a Counselor in the Institute for Mexican Abroad (IME) in Wisconsin, and has worked tirelessly for the rights of Mexicans in the United States in order to improve their quality of life. The Ohtli award, among other things, seeks to promote the contributions its recipients make for the benefit of Mexicans living abroad.

Trade between Mexico and the state of Wisconsin has grown 11.2% since NAFTA was signed, and in 2015 total trade between the state and Mexico reached nearly $3 billion. Mexico is the second largest international market for exports from Wisconsin.


The visit to Milwaukee is part of the regular visits that the Foreign Secretary, the Under Secretary and the Ambassador conduct to different part of the United States with the objective of strengthening commercial, cultural, educational, academic, political and business relations between the two countries, as well as consolidating political alliances with different actors in the country.