Following the events that occurred in Orlando, Florida, the Foreign Ministry informs that, as a result of the efforts undertaken by the Consulate of Mexico in that city, we have unfortunately confirmed the deaths of three Mexican nationals that resulted from those tragic events.

The consular representation is in contact with family members of the deceased to provide them with the necessary assistance. Additionally, consular personnel have been in constant contact with authorities in an attempt to confirm the nationality of another individual who may be of Mexican origin.  

Mexico deeply regrets the deaths of our three countrymen and we express our condolences to their families.

As previously reported, another Mexican national was wounded and remains in stable condition.

The appropriate authorities continue working to identify the victims, and the Consulate of Mexico will remain alert in order to determine whether any other Mexicans may have been affected. Once again, the Consulate’s emergency contact number for any Mexican citizen requiring assistance is (321) 276 4843.