Mexico City, September 9, 2015

On behalf of the Government of Mexico, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deep disappointment at the announcement of the District Attorney of Franklin County, Washington, to not press charges against officers of the Pasco Police Department who shot Mexican Antonio Zambrano Montes multiple times on February 10, 2015, causing his death as a public video recording of the incident shows.

The district attorney's decision, which was reportedly based on a lack of evidence despite the fact that both a video recording of the incident and countless witnesses exist, heightens the perception that acts of violence committed by members of local police against minorities in their communities are met with impunity.

With regard to applicable U.S. laws, denying the opportunity for a jury to evaluate the legitimacy of the actions of the officers violates the trust of the community in the justice system and deeply damages the relationship between police and the communities which they serve and protect.

The Government of Mexico will continue offering counsel and assistance to the family of Mr.  Zambrano Montes in order to pursue all legal recourses available as a result of this tragic incident. At the same time, we will continue to engage with our contacts at the federal level through the Department of Justice in order to avoid the reoccurrence of these types of cases and ensure they are not the result of prejudice against minorities.

The Government of Mexico, through its Embassy and consular network in the United States, will continue to use all means at its disposal to defend Mexicans residing in this country.