México, D. F., August 20, 2015

The Government of Mexico has confirmed that two individuals assaulted a Mexican national in Boston, Massachusetts. The attack was motivated by racial prejudice according to statements made by the attackers.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Boston has been in contact with the Mexican citizen in the hospital where he is currently being treated and will provide him with the necessary protection and legal assistance. Additionally, the Consulate will closely follow the investigation into this incident in order to ensure those responsible are properly punished in accordance with U.S. law.

Mexico strongly condemns this incident and asks that the contributions of the immigrant community to the economy, society, values and culture in the United States be recognized for the positive forces that they are and the close ties they create between our two societies.

Mexico will continue to promote constructive dialogue between our two societies and reject any act of violence motivated by racism, national origin or the migratory status of any individual.

The Government of Mexico, through its Embassy in the United States and its consular network, will take all necessary steps to defend the rights and interests of Mexicans in the country, regardless of their immigration status.