More than 12 million Mexicans residing abroad will benefit from a new measure driven by President Enrique Peña Nieto allowing all Mexicans to gain access to their birth certificate, even beyond the borders of Mexico. The measure was announced by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, during his work visit to the city of Santa Ana, California.

Secretary Meade noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has worked closely with the Ministry of the Interior and the National Register of Population and Personal Identification (RENAPO) to develop a way for citizens to obtain birth certificates in each of the Mexican consular representations.

The issuance of birth certificates abroad is a historic step that will benefit all Mexicans communities abroad.

This Thursday, each of the Mexican consulates in the United States held a simultaneous event in which they announced the issuance of birth certificates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a campaign called "Act now. Come get your birth certificate" to promote the initiative in Mexican communities abroad.

The Mexican consulate in Santa Ana, California, is the first Mexican consulate to issue a birth certificate to a Mexican citizen living abroad.

Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade handed out the first three birth certificates to a group of Mexicans residing in that California city.

The ability to obtain birth certificates in the United States will be of great assistance to Mexicans who could benefit from the executive actions on immigration announced by President Barack Obama.

During his work visit to California, Secretary Meade will also inaugurate the new site of the consulate in Santa Ana, which is part of a project begun by President Enrique Peña Nieto to modernize the infrastructure of Mexican consulates in order to provide better service to our citizens residing abroad.