On behalf of the Government of Mexico, Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora awarded the “Order of the Aztec Eagle” to William E. Frenzel and William M. Daley for their efforts and effective leadership during the negotiations of the North American Free Tarde Agreement (NAFTA).

During the event at the Mexican Cultural Institute, Ambassador Medina Mora remembered “the dedication, decisive commitment and non-partisan leadership that both public servants showed during their work, allowing them to impact the quality of life of millions of Mexican and American citizens”.

The award given to former Republican congressman from Minnesota, Bill Frenzel, recognizes his knowledge of domestic economic issues in the United States and international commerce, as well as the credibility with which he carried out his duties as the party spokesman on economic issues in the House of Representatives Budget Committee and as United States Congressional Representative in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), both of which were critical to achieve the necessary support among his Republican colleagues. Upon receiving the recognition, Frenzel said that the Agreement “reminds us that things go much better for us when we work together rather than separately”.

For his part, Mr. William M. Daley was recognized for his role as the “NAFTA Czar”, a title give to him by former President Bill Clinton in 1993 when he was entrusted with producing the political success of the Agreement. In his remarks, Mr. Daley noted the contributions of the NAFTA to his city and community, saying “Mexican and American citizens are living together and we are very fortunate for everything Mexico has done for the United States, and this Agreement solidified that and made the United States and North America the envy of the world in many ways, not just in economic terms”.

Finally, Ambassador Medina Mora reaffirmed Mexico’s commitment to follow the example set by the Agreement to further strengthen the economic integration of our two countries for the mutual benefit of citizens in both countries.

The Order of the Aztec Eagle is the highest distinction Mexico awards to foreign nationals, and is given out in recognition of exemplary service to the Mexican nation or to humanity.