The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is deeply worried by the death of Mexican national Gabriel Sánchez Velázquez, which occurred after a Border Patrol agent shot him on January 16th, 2014, outside of Douglas, Arizona. We firmly reiterate our position that the disproportionate use of lethal force in migratory control operations in unacceptable. The Government of Mexico will closely follow the results of the investigation in this case. Personnel from the Mexican Consulate in Douglas, Arizona, arrived at the Border Patrol station in the early hours of January 17th to request information on the incident, determine the identity of the deceased, and confirm his nationality. Additionally, we officially requested an exhaustive investigation of the facts from the appropriate authorities in the United States. For its part, the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, Arizona, has followed the process of autopsy and identification of the deceased conducted by the Pima County Office of Forensic Medicine. The consulate also established contact with the family of the deceased to offer them assistance. The Government of Mexico is mindful of the different recommendations on the use of lethal force by agents of the Border Patrol that the Office of the Inspector General, the Police Executive Research Forum, and the Border Patrol itself have provided, and we reiterate the urgency of adopting those recommendations as soon as possible in order to eliminate these type of deaths which, unfortunately, now number 20 since 2010. We would like to underscore the importance of strengthening bilateral coordination and of continuing the technical exchanges begun on this topic to the degree that they help prevent occurrences of excessive use of force on the part of United States authorities. We also stress the importance of dialogue between both governments in favor of a shared strategic vision which establishes the border as a region of prosperity and development.