The Mexican national Edgar Arias Tamayo was executed Wednesday, January 22, 2014 in Texas. The execution violates the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and contravenes the judgment delivered by the International Court of Justice in the Avena case (2004). That decision ordered the United States to review and reconsider the conviction and the death sentence imposed on Mr. Edgar Tamayo, and on 50 other nationals, whose rights to consular notification and assistance were violated by the Texan authorities at the moment of detention.

Since becoming aware of Mr. Tamayo’s case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE for its acronym in Spanish) has deployed a series of actions until exhausting all possible avenues available, both domestically and internationally, in order to obtain the review and reconsideration of the case by the Texan judicial authorities, in light of the lack of consular notification.

The Government of Mexico calls for effective action to be taken to avoid the execution of other sentences in contempt of the Avena judgment which would damage the regime of consular assistance and protection as agreed between the countries.

The SRE reiterates that the issue of fundamental importance in this case is the respect for the right of access to protection provided by our consulates to Mexicans abroad.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided due consular assistance to the families of the national being executed. At the request of the Tamayo family, such assistance will continue throughout the process of transferring the remains of Edgar Tamayo to Mexico.