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Monday 12.05.14 | Mexico City | Press Release 193


As part of the political dialogue between the two governments and in accordance with the roadmap proposed to promote the mobility of persons between Mexico and Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced this Monday that the CAN+ Program will be implemented permanently in Mexico to facilitate the Canadian visa process for Mexican nationals.
The program will enable expedited processing (seven days) of Canadian visa applications for Mexicans who show that they have travelled to Canada or the United States in the past 10 years, and reduce considerably the number of requirements while increasing the number of successful applications. In addition to the CAN+ Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers three other “express” programs that aim to facilitate travel by Mexican nationals to Canada for business, tourism or study.
The Government of Mexico will continue to implement all measures at its disposal to advance along the roadmap and achieve, in the future, the elimination of the Canadian visa requirement for Mexican citizens.

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