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For the ninth consecutive year, Mexico welcomed a record number of Canadian tourists during 2013, with the number of visitors totaling 1,599,409. Mexico has now become the world’s tourist destination most visited by Canadians after the U.S.

According to the Mexican Tourism Board’s (CPTM) Integrated System of Tourism Markets, last year the five most visited destinations by Canadians were: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mexico City and Mazatlan. Of note among these locations is Los Cabos, which saw significant growth in the number of Canadians who chose to visit, last year welcoming more than 150,000 Canadian travelers.

Globally Mexico was visited by 23.73 million tourists in 2013, which is the largest number in history. In addition to representing record figures for the country, consolidating it as a global tourist power, this figure is 1.4% higher than in 2012.

Among the countries with the highest number of tourists visiting Mexico, Canada ranks second only to the United States, which recorded an increase of 9% over 2012. Other countries that experienced significant growth in the flow of tourists were Colombia with 60%, Russia 40%, Peru 39%, China 27%, and Korea with 26%.

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