As part of the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations between Mexico and Canada, the Embassy of Mexico has organized the production of an ice sculpture in Confederation Park for Winterlude, Canada’s capital winter celebration,organized by Canadian Heritage.

The sculpture was conceptualized and produced by two talented and well renowned artists: Luis Castañeda from Chiapas and Jorge de Santiago from Puebla. They traveled to Ottawa to labour for five days on a work of art that is meant to symbolize our two countries’ partnership. With the help and support of the Canadian Ice Carvers’ Society, they created a 3-metre high sculpture out of 36 ice blocks. The sculpture will be on display in Confederation Park until February 17.

During the celebrations, Mexico will also present a DJ performance called “From Mexico with Love” on February 14 at 8:30pm on the main stage. TiniTun and Quecho are two young DJ’s from Mexico City, pioneers of electronic music in Mexico. They will be playing house to techno music for Winterlude lovers.

Canada and Mexico are each other’s third largest trading partner. They share common values and have very dynamic social interactions, whether through tourism, business, educational exchanges or other people-to-people contacts. Every day Mexico and Canada work to build a better and more prosperous North American region in benefit of their peoples.

Happy anniversary Mexico and Canada!