Thursday 16.01.14 | Mexico City | Press Release 013

Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio Meade, will meet tomorrow in Washington with his counterparts from the United States, John Kerry, and Canada, John Baird.

The region’s foreign ministers have agreed to meet periodically to review the common agenda and shared topics of interest at the hemispheric and global levels.

On this occasion, the meeting will advance preparations for the upcoming North American Leaders’ Summit. The three governments work collaboratively to promote shared prosperity and seize opportunities presented in new areas such as education, science, technology, and innovation.

Secretary Meade will also hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts and participate in a forum for dialogue with members of the Council of the Americas, an entrepreneurial organization that promotes business and development on the continent.

North America generates about 30% of world production and 13.2 % of global exports; it has a total population of around 470 million people.

In the past 20 years, under the North American Free Trade Agreement, intraregional trade has increased by 265%. Last year it surpassed the milestone of one trillion dollars (a million millions).