Premio Ohtli


Ottawa, Ontario. September 10, 2011. During the National Day Celebration organized by the Ottawa-Gatineau Mexican community, Ambassador Francisco Barrio, Ambassador of Mexico to Canada, delivered the Ohtli Award to Mrs. Fabiola Yzeta, in recognition of her tireless efforts to improve well-being and facilitate adaptation among the Mexican community in Canada.

The Ohtli Award –from the Nahuatl word meaning ‘path’– is bestowed upon Mexicans who have devoted part of their lives and professional activities to “forging a new path” abroad for their countrymen and women. The award celebrates and acknowledges the value of the altruistic activities the person engages in on a constant basis, to promote the well-being of fellow Mexicans.

The title itself honours and recalls the continued tradition of the Nahuatl, who, keeping their language alive, still bid farewell with the phrase “¡cualli ohtli!” (Happy trails!).

The prize consists of a medallion, a silver rosette, and a diploma signed by the President of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME), an institution that seeks to strengthen Mexico’s relations with its diaspora through countless unity-promoting projects.