Under the Canada-Mexico Partnership, both countries have designed a new Labour Mobility Mechanism (LMM) that will enable Canadian employers to hire Mexican workers, in any sector and in any province, for up-to 4 years. The LMM is a Government-to-Government labour mobility framework to help meet Canada’s increasing demand for labour across diverse sectors and skill levels under the Canadian Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP). In order to facilitate the process, the Mexican Secretariat of Labour and Social and Social Welfare (STPS) has launched  the following website to provide relevant information as well as enabling Canadian employers to register directly their labour needs and start the process at NO COST: temporary-employees.stps.gob.mx

The STPS has plenty of successful experience in selecting and recruiting Mexican workers for Canada via its 165 offices across Mexico. As an example, during 2011 STPS arranged for more than 16,000 workers travel to Canada's agricultural sector and has an extensive database of available candidates for all sectors. The potential candidates will meet the company's needs as all job seekers are required to demonstrate work experience and an appropriate level of English/French.