What places should I visit in Mexico?
For information about travelling to Mexico and places to visit, please visit: Visit Mexico & Mexico Tourist Atlas.

Is there a minimum validity requirement on passports to enter Mexico?
Mexico does not enforce a minimum validity requirement on your passport when entering the country, as long as it is valid for the whole stay in Mexico.

What is a FMM?
A FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) or Multiple Migratory Form, is a migration form issued by the immigration authority in Mexico upon arrival (air or land). It is a temporary permit that will allow you (at the discretion of the immigration authority) to remain up to 180 days in the country. You will need to carry your FMM (or a copy of it) with you at all times.

It is VERY important that you hand the FMM over to immigration authorities upon exiting Mexico, as this constitutes proof of exit. If you plan to re-enter Mexico, a new FMM will have to be issued and paid for.

The FMM will be provided to you at the entry point into Mexico. If you travel by land, you can complete it online up to 30 days prior of your arrival to Mexico. For more information, please visit: Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) .

What happens if I forget to surrender my FMM when leaving Mexico?
If you do not surrender your FMM when exiting Mexico, it is recommended that the next time you visit Mexico, you carry proof that demonstrates you left on the mentioned date (plane/bus tickets etc).

Are there any requirements for travelling with minors?
Technically, there are no additional requirements for one of the parents to enter/exit Mexico with a child other than a valid passport, provided the children is not a Mexican national or currently holds a temporary resident/temporary resident student visa.

However, it is recommended that you should travel with the original birth certificate for each minor, and an authorisation letter signed by the other parent, in case immigration authorities request additional information regarding the identity of the parents. Please note that there are no direct flights between Australia and Mexico and the countries where you transit en route to Mexico may have additional requirements for travelling with minors.

Are there any specific vaccinations required to enter Mexico?
Travellers entering Mexico from flights from Australia, North America and Europe do not need special vaccinations to enter Mexico. However, if you are entering Mexico from a different country, regardless of your nationality, you might need a vaccination. It is recommended that you consult your doctor about any required vaccinations before travelling to Mexico.

Can I use my Australian license to drive in Mexico?
To drive in Mexico, you must have a valid Australian driver’s license. However, Mexican car rental companies or local authorities may also require additional documentation, such as a certified translation of your license into Spanish.

You can also travel with an International Driving Permit (IDP that allows you to drive in a number of overseas countries. However, an IDP cannot be used as a substitute for a driving license, therefore it must be used in conjunction to a current Australian license.

Can I travel to Mexico with pets?
To import pets into Mexico, you must meet the requirements of the National Department of Health, Food Safety and Food Quality, SENASICA. The pet will be screened at the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Offices (OISA) located at international airports, border crossings and international seaports.

The requirements are listed on the following website: Tu mascota viaja contigo .

Are there any tax limits on what I can bring to Mexico?
In Mexico, there are certain limits on what you can bring into the country for the purposes of tax exemption. For example, you can bring goods for personal use that will last for the duration of the trip and select quantities of items such as video cameras, sport equipment and toys. In addition, passengers arriving to Mexico by land can import up to $150 USD worth of additional merchandise. If arriving by air, passengers can import up to $500 USD worth of merchandise.

For more information, on what you can and can’t bring into Mexico, please visit this link: Welcome to Mexico .

What medicine can I take to Mexico?
Foreign nationals under medical treatment of controlled substances and psychotropic drugs in form of medicines must:

  • Declare them upon entrance to customs, and present a medical prescription or a licence issued by competent authority.
  • The prescription must contain name of the doctor authorising the prescription, his signature, contact details (telephone, address) and professional register.
  • The medical prescription or licence must also state amount of the substance required by the patient during her or his stay in Mexico, the amount bringing into the country and the daily dose.
  • The drugs must not exceed the amount required for your stay in the country.
  • The prescription must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator (see NAATI).

I am a foreign national in Mexico and I need assistance from my country’s embassy. What embassies and consulates are there in Mexico?
To access an official list of embassies and consulates in Mexico, please consult this website: Misiones Extranjeras Acreditadas en México .

What is the emergency number in Mexico?
To access emergency services (police, medical and fire) in Mexico, dial 911.

Can I visit Mexico with a criminal record?
Mexican law permits immigration officials to refuse entry into Mexico if the passenger has been convicted or charged of a serious crime, such as manslaughter or terrorism. As in any other country, minor offenses usually don’t affect entry to Mexico. However, immigration officials will ultimately make the decision depending on the gravity of offences, which may result in refusal of entry or deportation.