México en Australia

La Popular Taqueria

At la popular taqueria we believe good food is the best foundation for happy life. We make our own tacos with love, and with produce from local suppliers using the best produce and meats that are free-range. We choose biodegradable packing because we believe we should all tread lightly on the earth. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable community.


La Patrona

We don't just make food – we’re inspired to create it! We want you to experience our flavours, our music and our traditions right in the heart of Brisbane.


Mestiza is born from the idea of bringing flavours from the other side to Australia. Ready to serve and elevate the taste of your home-made meals. 

Papi´s Mexican Kitchen

Hola my beautiful people… Let me introduce myself. My name is Adan but people worldwide know me as Papi. I love food, art, travel and culture. 



We are a family run Mexican food stand based in Canberra, ACT. Our goal is to share our love of real


Welcome to Tacontento, the home of authentic, irresistible Taquitos Dorados. We bring a treasured Mexican tradition to your plate, specializing in this unique and scrumptious culinary delight.


We are Hospo enthusiast that would like to share the passion for food and cultural traditions through street food delights. Because we love Mexican street food, and we bet you’ll love it too!


Chilpa Highett

The Highett neighbourhood in Bayside Melbourne is home to Chilpa, our bright new sibling. We serve our authentic Mexican street food & tortillas fresh from the oven.

Kensington Eatery

Our iconic Eatery in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Kensington was where it all began. In 2013 we started serving our authentic Mexican street food & tortillas fresh from the oven.

Fiesta México

Our story begins with thousands of years of tradition, culture and flavors passed down to us to share with the rest of the world. Our learning began in the heart of Mexico City, a hub full of life for all regions of the country to exchange and enjoy vibrant food.



El Público

Is one of Perth’s favourite Mexican restaurants and ever-popular dining hotspots, bringing both modern and traditional Mexican cocina to Perth since 2012.

Malena’s Kitchen

Malena’s Kitchen is the vision of Yohaira, to add some of the dishes from her childhood in Mexico, to the Perth food collage.


La tamalería

In the store, I try to ensure I keep all the essentials for Mexican cuisine, especially those that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Maiz Mexican Street Food

Maíz, the word for corn in Spanish, is the backbone of the Mexican food scene. Maíz Mexican Street Food is a food and beverage concept that celebrates and integrates a wide range of corn preparations to bring you an authentic and unique dining experience.

Verbena Pastry

Mexican inspired home-made pastry



El Chiva Mexican Seafood

El Chiva is an authentic Mexican seafood delivery business that delivers fresh Mexican ceviche and aguachiles across Sydney. It is a family owned business started and run by a Mexican couple who emigrated from Guadalajara to Sydney three years ago.

México Latte

Burst of authentic mexican flavours at the heart of Alexandria. Mexico Latte was born to provide families and friends with a place to come together and enjoy the real Mexican flavour.

Baja Seafood

Authentic Mexican Seafood



La Farmacia

Authentic Mexican cuisine specialising in Tacos from Guadalajara. Al pastor, lamb barbaco, carne asada, pork belly chicharron, mushroom and more.

Pancho Bakery

We are a Mexican born family based in Sydney. We are very close to our traditions and since we are so far away from home we want to share with you a sweet - perfect bite from our land to enjoy in family.


Keski Pan is the first one to specialise in Mexican Style Bakery, Patisserie and Sweet side of Mexican Food in Sydney and we have been showcasing our products and flavours at the best markets, festivals & events since 2013!


Aztec Mexican Products

is an Australian leader in Mexican Food Products supplier and distributor to the Restaurants and Wholesale Food Industries.

El Cielo - The true taste of Mexico

was established in 2012, after three Mexican friends, passionate about their food and culture, could not find authentic ingredients to prepare the beloved dishes they missed from back home.

FTA Food Solutions.

is a major supply-chain solutions based importer and distributor of food products for the Australian, New Zealand and export markets.


Latin Deli Pty Ltd

Latin Deli was founded in 2005 by Ben Ayala, a Venezuelan entrepreneur with a great passion for Latin food who became a pioneer importer of Latin products in Australia and New Zealand.

La Tortillería

It’s a story about passion, traditions, full stomachs & al pastor tacos. It’s about a Mexican muchacho and an Aussie chica, whose passion for real Mexican food led them to pioneer an authentic traditional tortilleria & street eatery in Australia.

Mexican Cellars

It was a sunny autumn afternoon in 2016 when, after riding their motorbikes through the Sydney Royal National Park, two Mexican friends (lets call them.. Jorge and Juan because... that's their actual names...) stopped for lunch and refreshments at a garden bar in Scarborough, NSW.



We are two Mexicans, Luis and Jorge; we both fell in love with Agave Spirits many years ago but it wasn't until the last 10 years that we truly understood the connection to the land, people and traditions of our country.

Poblano Mexican

At Poblano we are truly passionate about Mexican food and about providing Mexican groceries to the Australian market. Authentic Mexican food is trendy and Poblano is proud to sell the right ingredients to prepare traditional Mexican food at home.

Pennisi Cuisine Distributors

Your international food shop. We specialise in Latin American, Italian, Spanish and other European cuisine 


Scalzo Foods Industries

Is a privately owned, board run business that began operations in 1977. Our capabilities in ingredient supply, as partners to retailers and manufacturing expertise have fuelled our development. We’re an agile, growth orientated business that focuses on innovation and adding value to drive mutually beneficial partnerships.

Turners International Marketing

Since 1885, no less than six generations of the Turner family have continued an unbroken involvement in New Zealand's produce industry.

Mexico in Store

We are a couple of born and bred mexicans who decided to migrate to Australia some years ago. We decided to celebrate the mexican culture by sharing authentic products and at the same time support indigenous communities in Mexico.



Primebridge was born out of the idea of promoting high quality Mexican products through a consistent and solid supply chain in Australia.


Magenta Market

The company was created to promote products of the highest quality with 100% Mexican made products, with exclusive designs where the craftsperson's good taste dominates. Magenta Market ensures each product selected has the highest quality standard. Some of our products are handmade and unique as there is no machinery used.

Mexiluna/Rústico mexicano.

Shortly after arriving from Mexico in 1989, Edith and Geoff Hartney established their fledging importing business. Wholesale Mexican Handcraft now has a wide and varied clientele covering Australia, New Zealand and many Pacific Islands.


Emerges from the love of our culture, people and traditions. To share Mexico’s rich and vibrant culture, MEXYCO has formed a collective of Mexican artisans who create unique and exclusive pieces with contemporary designs and the finest materials.


Viva La Calavera

The world of VIVA LA CALAVERA floats between meaningful stories, heritage traditions, symbolism, life and death, pop art and a bit of kitsch. This is why our collections are not simply something to possess, it is something to live and be inspired by.


Mexilove source only the best traditional handcrafts - handmade by Mexican Artisans. We have colourful products which make a unique and recognisable statement.