General Information

A temporary resident visa with work permit (work visa) will allow you to enter Mexico, receive a temporary resident card an undertake paid activities in the country

All temporary resident visas with work permit must first be requested from the National Migration Institute (INM) directly by the employer in Mexico. Only employers registered with the INM can apply for a Work Visa. Individuals cannot apply directly for a work visa

Once the INM has authorised the request and issued a Unique Processing Number (NUT), the applicant will have to contact the embassy or arrange an appointment for a consular interview. If the consular interview is successful, a temporary resident visa with work permit will be granted.

The visa is valid for six months and includes one entry. Once you arrive to Mexico, you must present your visa at the National Migration Institute (INM) within the first 30 days of arrival, in order to receive a Temporary Resident Card which will allow you to stay in the country for up to four years, depending on your contract and other circumstances.

All visas are processed at the Mexican Embassy (14 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla, ACT 2600). The physical presence of the applicant at the Embassy is an absolute requirement.



  1. Visa application form, which can be downloaded through this Link .
  2. Current passport with a minimum validity left of six months.
  3. One passport size photograph with white background and visible facial traits (i.e. hair not covering the face).
  4. Copy of valid Australian visa, either stamped or electronic (for non-Australian citizens), as proof that you are legally residing in Australia. NOTE: All applicants must be legally in Australia at the moment of applying for a Mexican visa .
  5. Unique Processing Number NUT confirmation letter (provided by the National Migration Institute INM).
  6. 6. Documents that prove you have the skills/knowledge for the position you’ll be filling in Mexico (diplomas, certificates, CV, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Documents that are not in either Spanish or English need to be accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish. Furthermore, any official documents that are not issued by Australian or Mexican authorities need to be legalized/apostilled


How to apply

  1. Choose a date and time for an appointment via MEXITEL: LINK-MEXITEL . NOTE: you can change the language of MEXITEL by clicking on the flags on the upper right corner. If more than one person will apply for the visa, each applicant must have their own appointment.
  2. On the day of the appointment, you will be required to appear before the Embassy of Mexico with your passport, visa application form (with the passport sized photo affixed to it) and all supporting documents (original and copy) for a consular interview. There is no visa processing done online or through post.
    NOTE: The original passport, complete visa application form, photograph and all other supporting documents must be brought to the embassy on the day of the appointment.
  3. On the day of the appointment, the biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) will be taken, the visa fee will be paid and the consular interview will be held. After the consular interview, the applicant will leave all documentation at the embassy, including their passport, for processing.
  4. Within five days of the consular interview, you will be notified by phone or email if the visa will be granted. After the notification, the passports will be ready for collection at the embassy. If you cannot collect the passport in person, you can either give someone else a simple authorisation letter (signed by you and them, and with a copy of their ID) or leave a self-addressed prepaid Registered Post or Express Post “signature on delivery” envelope at the embassy, which will be used to send your passport back, under strict responsibility of the applicant.



  • Consular fees are updated every month and you are required to check the updated fee before your appointment on the following link.
  • The visa fee, regardless of whether the visa is issued or denied, must be paid on the day of the appointment.
  • Visa fees will have to be paid by either electronic transfer or in exact cash/denominations on the day of the appointment. Card payments are not accepted.



  • Temporary Resident Visas with work permit have a validity of six months from the day they are issued.
  • Upon arrival in Mexico, the Temporary Resident Visas must be exchanged within the first 30 days at the National Migration Institute (INM) for a Temporary Resident Card. More information here (in Spanish): Expedición de documento migratorio por canje .


Additional information to take into consideration

  • If you already have an application pending resolution with the INM, or an application pending for a visitor visa with permission to perform renumerated activities, you cannot apply for a Temporary Resident Visa with work permit.
  • If the consular interview is unsuccessful, the visa will be sent back to the INM for reconsideration. Therefore, it is strongly advised that if you have further evidence to support your skills and knowledge, you carry it with you on the day of your appointment.
  • Presenting the minimum requirements of the visa application does not guarantee that the visa will be approved. Further information might be requested by the Consular agent in charge of processing your application.
  • Due to high demand, we advise that you start your visa application at least ONE month ahead of your planned travel date.
  • We strongly advise NOT to make any travel arrangements until a decision on your visa has been made. The embassy will not take any responsibility for any plane tickets purchased before your visa has been approved.
  • If you are considering taking your household items with you (furniture, clothing, other articles for personal use) and you are granted a temporary resident visa, you will be eligible to apply for a certificate for the exemption of taxes on the household goods (menaje de casa). More information here: Certificate of Household goods.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need an appointment to apply for the visa?

Yes. It is essential that you make an appointment for all visa applications.

I received a job offer from a company in Mexico and I want to go with my spouse and/or children. What kind of visa should my family apply for?

Your family will need to apply for Temporary Resident Visas as your dependants. They will need to provide proof of their relationship to you and proof of economic solvency to cover their expenses. More information on the “Temporary Resident Visa” Section of this website.

If I do not currently have a job offer, can I apply for a Work Visa while in Mexico?

Only temporary residents in Mexico can apply for a work permit while in Mexico. More information here (in Spanish): Obtención de permiso de trabajo .

If you are not a temporary resident of Mexico, you will need to apply to a Temporary Resident Visa from outside of Mexico.

I’m married to a Mexican citizen (or temporary/permanent/student temporary resident of Mexico). Can I apply for a Temporary Resident Visa with work permit?

No. As the spouse of a Mexican citizen or temporary/permanent resident, you may apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (more information on the “Temporary Resident Visa Section of this website”).

Once you are already a temporary resident in Mexico, you can apply for a work permit at the National Migration Institute (INM). More information here (in Spanish): Obtención de permiso de trabajo.



Consular Section

Embassy of Mexico in Australia

14 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla, ACT 2600

+61 (02) 6273 3963

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