Reforma educativa en México

Enactment of Educational Reform

25 FEB 2013

WRITTEN BY Presidency Staff

The Presidency’s Editorial Staff

The main purpose of the Educational Reform is to make education a force for transforming Mexico. It therefore has three main lines of action:

  • Ensure that our students are educated by the best teachers. To this end, the Professional Teaching Service will be created. The Reform contains clear rules to ensure that professional merit is the only way to be admitted, remain and be promoted as a teacher, principal or supervisor.
  • Make evaluation an efficient mechanism for improving teaching standards. The National Institute for Educational Evaluation has therefore been given constitutional status, which grants it full autonomy. It also orders the creation of a National System of Educational Assessment, which will take into account the conditions and challenges teachers face in their everyday lives.
  • Improve conditions for students’ integral training. The reform strengthens the autonomy of school management, and plans to substantially increase the number of Full-Time Schools, to provide more educational and cultural opportunities and encourage students’ overall balanced development.

In short, through this constitutional reform, the Mexican State assumes the leadership that corresponds to it in order to expedite the transformation of education in the country.


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