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According with its intention of sharing information on events which might be in the interest of the Mexican, British and international communities in the UK, the Embassy of Mexico regularly feed this section with invitations from various organizations and institutions.

However, in most of the cases, the Embassy is not involved with the organization of such events; therefore, is not responsible for its implementation or results.

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LONDON, United Kingdom, April 10th 2014.- Ambassador Diego Gómez-Pickering met with the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf, whose responsibilities centre around the promotion of financial and business interests of this city.

They spoke about the great expectations amongst the British investors generated by the energy reform recently approved in Mexico, and also about the opportunity to collaborate on cultural, academic and business ventures in light of 2015, designated the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the Year United Kingdom in Mexico

Mayor Woolf shared the agenda that she will cover during her next working visit to Mexico in May, 2014, which includes meetings with senior officials of the Federal Government.


  • Korea hands over Market Focus Country 2014 to Chief Editor of CONACULTA’s Publications Department, Julio Trujillo.

LONDON, United Kingdom, April 10th 2014. - Today Mexico was officially designated Market Focus Country at the London Book Fair (LBF) which will take place in April 2015, also the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico.

Directors of the London Fair were present for the ceremonious "handing over," and expressed great satisfaction at the decision to make Mexico the next market focus - a decision based on its growing publishing industry and relevance in the market for Spanish language books.

The baton was passed by representatives of the Korean publishing world, the 2014 Market Focus, to Chief Editor of CONACULTA’s Publications Department Julio Trujillo. Trujillo led a delegation of authorities, public and private editors, Mexican authors and other professionals from the industry alongside representatives from the Embassy of Mexico to the United Kingdom.

The Chief Editor thanked the London Book Fair for the presented opportunity which will contribute to Mexico's increasing influence in the publishing industry. He pointed to the growth in Mexican publishing activity, which has naturally placed the country at the centre of the industry's interest at international level and in particular, among those professionals called by the London Book Fair. In addition to the 150,000 non-governmental publications and more than 152 millions of copies which Mexico is editing, he highlighted the current drive for joint publications and translations.

Further to this, writer Valeria Luiselli, who took part in the ceremony as a representative of Mexican authors, led a presentation on the evolutionary process and dynamics currently featuring in Mexican literature, particularly in the works of younger authors. Equally, she expressed her gratitude for being able to take part in the handing over of the market focus country baton, especially in light of the personal ties which link her to South Korea. She also pointed to the way in which new Mexican literature is defining itself at a unique time, one at which the diversity of voices together contribute to a wider and multivalent Mexican identity.

The event saw the initial steps of the coordination process, working to make Mexico stand out as the principal foreign country participating in next years fair, considered to be the most important of its kind in the United Kingdom and the second largest publishing trade fair in Europe after the Frankfurt Book Fair.

As another step towards increasing their presence in the United Kingdom, at this years fair Mexico created a pavilion dedicated to displaying some of its most recent publications, as well as promoting authors and publications for the interest of both the British and international market.

Mexico’s presence at the fair will make up one of the principal cultural activities of the UK-Mexico Year 2015, a year set to be dedicated to the promotion of culture and in light of the fair, the creative capacity of Mexican authors.

Each year the fair – considered to be one of the most important on an international level - takes place in the British capital, where it brings together professionals from the publishing industry from over 110 countries in addition to 1500 exhibitions presented by 60 countries. The London Book fair is celebrating its 42nd year of calling together the very best of the publishing world - from authors and editors to sales and marketing representatives in addition to publicists, distributors and other professionals from the industry as well as featuring the very latest in technology and innovative expressions from the publication world.

Complementing the Mexican presence at this year’s London Book Fair, Editor Marcelo Uribe held a conference entitled “Perspective of the Mexican Publishing Market.


LONDON, United Kingdom, April 10th 2014.- Representatives of the mezcal industry paid a working visit to the United Kingdom in order to promote the Mexican artisanal drink and announce the upcoming launch of a program for smartphones through which the consumer will be able to verify the origins, quality control and processing history of each brand via its hologram.

Headed by Hipócrates Nolasco, National President of the Regulatory Mezcal Council, the promoters met with the Ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gómez-Pickering, with whom they exchanged ideas about the 400% increase in production of the Oaxaca based drink which last year equated to 2.5 million litres.

At the meeting, the Ambassador underscored the fact that the United Kingdom remains the 5th largest importer of mezcal in the world, and the largest in Europe. From this it was suggested that the drink should be featured as a common denominator in the events due to take place in 2015, designated the Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico and the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom.

“The advances of mezcal in the international market is a reflection of an innovative Mexico and despite the competition the drink is becoming increasingly accepted by the demanding palate of the British consumer,” noted the Ambassador at the meeting in which ProMéxico representative Andrés Espinosa was also present.

For his part, restaurateur and mezcal entrepreneur Jaime Muñoz mentioned that the group held tasting sessions in various iconic Mexican restaurants in London, where professionals from the industry received a detailed explanation of the development of the product whose distribution in the UK includes 35 different brands, all of recognised quality.

In light of this, mezcal representative and importer Eduardo Gómez Reséndiz, commented that Mexican representatives have previously toured France and Scotland in order to analyse the respective Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of certain drinks such as champagne, armagnac, cognac and whisky.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 8th 2014.- Today the first Mexico Business Outlook took place, an event organized by the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Canning House. It was the first of a series of events whose objective is to inform the business sectors about the favourable business environment in Mexico.

Ambassador Diego Gómez-Pickering gave an inaugural speech in which he highlighted Mexico’s democratic maturity, financial stability and open market vocation that together with the recently approved structural reforms, offer a very attractive stage for those who are looking to make business.

Equally, Baroness Jane Bonham Carter, British Prime Minister´s Trade Envoy to Mexico, pointed to the intense business agenda which she has headed over the previous months and will continue to do throughout 2014 and in to 2015, designated the Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico and the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom.

In addition to these two central figures, the event also featured two panels of experts. In the first, Director of the Centre of Espinosa Yglesias Studies Enrique Cárdenas spoke of the lessons learnt from the reform process in Mexico whilst Economic Attaché of the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom Juan Carlos Lombardo mentioned how foundations are being built for long term inclusive growth in Mexico, as well as providing particularly attractive opportunities in priority sectors in which the abilities of Mexico and the United Kingdom stand out.

Following this, the President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico spoke of the wide range of niche markets on Mexican soil in which British businesses have successfully made incursions. Finally, a director of BBVA carried out a clear and illustrative presentation on the energy reform, in which he gave details on the times and areas in which private sector will be able to participate once second legislation is approved.

In the second panel, directors from a range of important businesses such as Riverstone, HSBC, Virgin and Foster and Partners described their very positive experiences in the Mexican market. They pointed out how telecommunications and energy reforms as well as the ambitious infrastructure project have generated high expectations for becoming key instruments in allowing British investment to increase and diversify further.

For more information click here


BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom, April 7th 2014- The Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom Diego Gómez-Pickering visited Birmingham University in order to promote the strengthening of academic ties between the University and Mexico. The University is part of the prestigious Russell Group, a member organization which represents the 24 leading UK universities.

Ambassador Gómez-Pickering met with the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. David Eastwood, who held a lunch in his honour. During the meeting, the Vice-Chancellor expressed his interest in strengthening the relations with Mexican universities – in particular the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) – and proposed to organize educational activities in celebration of 2015: The Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and The Year of  the United Kingdom in Mexico. In addition, the Ambassador held working meetings with the International office as well with academics from the departments of medicine and advanced manufacturing.

To conclude the day, the Ambassador of Mexico lead a conference for students and teachers centred around the strengthening of the Mexican economy as well as the political and social transformations driven by the recently approved constitutional reforms. The Ambassador rounded of the conference with a discussion with Mexican students currently enrolled in the University.

It is worth pointing out that Birmingham is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom, with a student population of around 17 thousand undergraduates and 9 thousand postgraduates. In 2013, Birmingham University was named University of the Year 2013 by the British Press.


LONDON, United Kingdom, April 4th 2014.- The Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom paid a coutesy visit to Ambassador Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations, with the aim of exchanging points of view concerning foreign affairs in the multilateral sphere.

In the historic headquaters at Marlborough House, the Mexican diplomat refered to the intentions of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration to reinforce the active participation of Mexico in international organizations as well as reaffirm their bonds of friendship and cooperation the country maintains with member nations of the Commonwealth, paying particular attention to commerce and sustainability.

Both agreed to consider the points of convergence in relation to the challenges of development which the “micro-states” and countries with medium income economies are currently facing.


LONDON, United Kingdom, April 7th 2014.- Today narrator and essayist Doctor Héctor Perea led a conference entitled Carlos Fuentes: The Art, The Cinema, the Life, at the Cervantes Institute in London.

An auditorium composed primarily of Mexican, Spanish and British nationals was able to enjoy a vivid audio-visual presentation about the intellectual, novelist and Mexican diplomat, one which highlighted his passions as an art and cinema critic, art collector and draughtsman.

In a retrospective, which included photographs and famous short films, Perea looked back on the most recognised literary works of Fuentes - including “Where The Air Is Clear” (La Region Más Transparente), “The Death of Artemio Cruz” (La Muerte de Artemio Cruz) and “Aura” amongst others - which ultimately made the author worthy of various prestigious international awards such as the Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras, La Gran Cruz de la Orden de Isabel La Católica” and the Belisario Domínguez medal of honour.

Further to this, Fuentes also received Honorary Doctorates granted by various universities including Harvard and Cambridge, in addition to his time spent as a professor at the universities of Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Brown and Pennsylvania, in the United States.


LONDON, United Kingdom, April 3rd 2014.- Today Lord Speaker of the House of Lords Baroness D’Souza received the Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gómez-Pickering, with whom she discussed the principal themes of the bilateral relations.

The diplomat recalled the legislative process through which the most ambitious  structural reforms in the history of Mexico were passed - previously conceived within the Pact for Mexico - in political, educational, labour, financial, fiscal, energy and telecommunication sectors, with the aim of repositioning Mexico as a dynamic player in the international arena.

In addition, he highlighted the intentions of President Enrique Peña Nieto to continue strengthening relations between Mexico and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a country he considers a strategic European ally.

At the meeting the current opportunity for both nations to take advantage of the mutual economic potential and encourage interaction on cultural, academic and commercial levels was mentioned, especially in light 2015, designated the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico.


LONDON, UK, April 1st, 2014. - Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, Diego Gomez Pickering today participated in the City Week 2014, International Financial Services Forum, where he explained how Mexico has consolidated -through its infrastructure- as the gateway to both Latin America and North America, and will soon be a new bridge between Europe and Asia.

In the two-days event, which was inaugurated by Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of the City of London - and which gathered many representatives of the economic and financial sectors in the UK - also participated the former economist of Goldman Sachs, Jim O'Neill who coined the term MINT to define the block of emerging markets (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) that could record the highest annual growth rates in the future, even above European nations.

In that sense, the diplomat recalled that Mexico is growing as an investment destination and proof of this are its 64 international airports, an equal number of border ports, 77 sea ports, 27,000 kilometres of railways and 377,000 kilometres of roads.

In the panel discussion on infrastructure, chaired by the President of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly, representatives of the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico (SCT due to its acronym in Spanish), Ricardo Martinez and Ricardo Dueñas also participated, whilst Mario Alberto Gonzalez intervened on behalf of the Mexican agency for international business and investment promotion ProMéxico.


LONDON, UK, March 31, 2014.- Mexico is a country engaged in the process of reforms to boost its trade, international competitiveness, economic growth and social development, said the Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez Pickering.

By participating in the conference Infrastructure in Mexico 2014-2018: Opportunities for UK Companies, coordinated by UK Trade & Investment, the diplomat drew attention to the potential benefits for the investor which structural reforms will bring in sectors such as energy, financial, tax and telecommunications, in a country with efficient and increasingly better prepared labour force.

He also recalled that Mexico is the fourth most open economy among G-20 countries, based on its 10 free trade agreements that facilitate the exchange of products with 45 different nations, placing it as a major international key player.

Ambassador intervened after Stephen Smith, President of the British Chamber of Mexico, explained how development in infrastructure and an updated legal framework could represent advantages for investors in the UK.

Similarly, Carlos Sánchez-Pavón, Regional Director of the Mexican agency for international business and investment promotion ProMéxico, said that the process of trade liberalization in our country, reaffirmed by its membership to NAFTA, the Pacific Alliance and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), meant a significant step in a modern country with macroeconomic stability.

Additionally, Ricardo Dueñas and Ricardo Martínez, officials representing the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT due to its acronym in Spanish) exposed in their respective presentations some opportunities for investors in new infrastructure projects, particularly rail and ports, implemented by President Enrique Peña Nieto´s administration.


LONDON, UK, March 29, 2014. - Featured for the first time in Europe, the adaptation of the novel "The Imposter" today accomplished four representations in the Platform Theatre of the University of the Arts London.

The Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, Diego Gomez-Pickering attended the final night of the stage adaptation which narrates the story of "César Rubio," a university professor of history who posed and assumed the identity of a leader of the Mexican Revolution with his same name, portrayed by Mexican actor Angel Lopez -Silva .

Following the finale, the diplomat had the opportunity to exchange points of view with members of the cast, as well as the play’s director, Jonathan Martin, and Mary Ann Vargas, who did a remarkable job in creating an English adaptation of the novel originally written in Spanish by Rodolfo Usigli in 1938 and taken to the theatre for the first time in 1947.

Amongst the audience were Mario Moreno Ivanova, son of the famous Mexican comic and mime Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", who donated items and images related to the successful film career of his father, to the Drama Centre (Central Saint Martins: UAL).


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 21 March, 2014.-The Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez-Pickering laid a wreath and led an Honour Guard in front of the bust of Benito Juarez - located in Central London - to commemorate the 208 Anniversary of his birth.

Accompanied by officials and members of the Mexican community in the UK, the diplomat underscored that in this time of transformation and structural reform in Mexico, the legacy of President Juarez is particularly alive, whilst his example and perseverance continue to inspire millions of Mexicans.

"In times of many conflicts in the international sphere, his words are particularly important and we must never forget his maxim: "Among individuals as among nations, the respect for the rights of others, means peace”, he said, moments before giving way to the National Anthem of Mexico.


LONDON, United Kingdom, March 18th 2014.– Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez- Pickering paid a working visit to the headquarters of the BBC, considered the largest and most influential broadcaster of news for television, radio and Internet, worldwide.

The diplomat was present for the live broadcasting of Global, a programme lead by journalist Jon Sopel who then kindly led a tour of the iconic building in which content is produced in 27 languages, mainly in the area of international news.

In light of this, Gómez Pickering had the chance to introduce himself with various editors, producers and journalists, with whom he exchanged ideas concerning the present situation in Mexico, considering the current boom in infrastructure alongside automotive, aeronautic and mining production amongst other productive areas.

Furthermore, he witnessed the live and direct transmission of various national and international news programmes broadcasted to the world with the latest digital-robotic technology from the BBC headquarters in London, which value has been estimated at more than one billion pounds.

The Ambassador spoke briefly with Hernando Álvarez, head of BBC Mundo and was welcomed by the Head of News, James Stephenson, to whom he respectfully suggested –through a very constructive conversation- to broaden the coverage of Mexico beyond the issue related to security, given the progress of Mexico’s business, economic, political and social matters.


LONDON, UK, March 18, 2014.- The Executive Director of the International Sugar Organisation, José Orive, from Guatemala (Left), received today the Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, Diego Gomez Pickering, with whom he discussed the prospects of the global market and agency priorities.


London, United Kingdom, March 13th 2014. – The Mexico Week 2014 has drawn to an end at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), which was celebrated under the title of “Let’s Talk about Politics and Policies in Mexico.”

At the closing conference, in an academic and public appearance, Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering referred to the challenge facing public diplomacy in order to improve Mexico’s image which is sometimes affected by old stereotypes and publications which don’t necessarily reflect the truth.

Accompanied by LSE’s Director of Politics and Communications, Nick Anstead, the diplomat gave a timeline of Mexico’s progress in terms of commercial, economic, political, social, infrastructural development as well as efficient human capital and solid institutions.

Coincidentally, in front of students, ex-alumni and various public figures at a previous convention, the Secretary General of the OCDE José Ángel Gurría, stated that Mexico is experiencing a transformation which the rest of the world cannot ignore.

In his opinion, Mexico is passing through an exciting period which has derived from the world’s expectations of the passing of the structural reforms – known as Pact for Mexico– on core sectors such as that of finance, energy, politics and telecommunications amongst others.

“The challenge now is to ensure their implementation, but President Enrique Peña Nieto is certainly changing the perception of how things are done in Mexico, showing the world the new side of its face” he concluded.


ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, MARCH 10th 2014.– Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, Diego Gómez Pickering, visited the University of Essex with the aim of sharing his vision of economic, political and social transformation currently experienced by Mexico, with students and academics.

The diplomat was received by Professor Anthony Forster, the university’s Vice Rector, with whom he agreed to strengthen the academic cooperation and thus extended an invitation to participate in the 2015 activities – the year officially designated as The Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in Mexico.

After touring the campus, the Ambassador exchanged ideas with those students and academics interested in topics related to Mexico followed by leading a conference during which economic and political stability were addressed as fundamental points, along with the potential impact of the recently approved structural reforms.

As part of his working visit, Ambassador Gomez Pickering had the opportunity to appreciate a private exhibition of Mexican art belonging to the University of Essex’s renowned collection of Latin American art ESCALA.

It is important to remember that the University of Essex currently has more than 1000 Mexican students, more than 60 of whom are undertaking postgraduate and doctorate studies.


• The UK remains the fifth largest importer of mezcal worldwide, and number one in Europe.

LONDON, March 10, 2014. – In order to share information and promote the marketing of mezcal, Amathus Drinks Company conducted a tasting session last night at Home House, an event attended by the Ambassador of Mexico in United Kingdom (right).

In the building that housed the French Embassy during the Revolution of the Gallic country, the Mexican diplomat noted the importance of the recent increase in production of the drink - originally from Oaxaca - by up to 140 %, which, moreover, only between 2012 and last year, surpassed 2.5 million liters.

Invited by the company´s brand sales marketing manager, Eduardo Resendiz Gomez (left), Gomez Pickering spoke before a dozen of representatives of prestigious restaurants and bars in London, explaining that currently the UK remains the fifth largest importer of mezcal worldwide, and number one in Europe.

He pointed out that there still remains much work ahead. “We must continue working together: -government, businesses and dealers- to keep promoting this great national product, which national production represents just 0.5% of the tequilas, which already is well positioned in the domestic and global market”.


LONDON, UK, March 5, 2014.- Today Minister of State for Latin America at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Hugo Swire received the Ambassador of Mexico Diego Gomez - Pickering.

The Mexican diplomat conveyed the commitment of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration to strengthen cooperation with the UK as a strategic ally of our country in Europe.

Gomez Pickering stressed the importance of the ongoing transformation of Mexico, tending to position it as a dynamic player internationally.

He also mentioned 2015, designated dually "Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom " and " The Year of the UK in Mexico " as a new opportunity for both countries to take advantage of the mutual economic potential and encourage the best interaction in cultural, academic and business spheres across the Atlantic.


LONDON, UK, March 3, 2014.- Ambassador of Mexico to the UK, Diego Gomez-Pickering and Andrew Jackson, Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and head of the UK’s Science and Innovation Network, officially received a delegation of businessmen, academics, advocates of science and technology, as well as Latin American entrepreneurs – most of them from Mexico - visiting the UK to locate opportunities in the area of scientific innovation.

Before a group of Mexican media representatives, the diplomat stressed the importance of vigorously promoting Mexico in the field of scientific innovation and technology in order to ensure that cooperation and bilateral trade with the UK will underpin the development for our country, but also from the cultural point of view, since 2015 has been officially designated as the Year of United Kingdom in Mexico and the Year of Mexico in the UK, will represent an invaluable opportunity to promote British culture in Mexico and Mexican culture in the UK, and also to strengthen the ties between individuals, organizations and governments of the two countries.

Since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office, Ambassador said, his administration has promoted the most ambitious structural reform package which includes key sectors such as telecommunications, labour, fiscal, education, political, energetic, and more recently a drive for transparency, portraying Mexico in the international arena as a relevant, modern and dynamic country.

In the iconic FCO’s headquarters building, Gomez-Pickering stressed the commitment of Mexico with strategic partners such as the UK, in terms of trade liberalization, through its network of 12 FTAs linking our country with 44 of the largest economies in the world, as well as the Pacific Alliance, established in 2011 by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


LONDON , UK, February 26, 2014 .- Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, Diego Gomez-Pickering, held today an interview with Dr Aldo Flores-Quiroga, Secretary General of the International Energy Forum (IEF).

Prior to a meeting with diplomatic representatives from Latin America in the UK, both agreed in Mexico's contribution to global energy security and recalled the role of the IEF to promote dialogue between producer and consumer countries.

IEF assembles energy ministers from 89 countries producing and consuming oil and natural gas, as well as transit countries. It also includes the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, IEF represents a mechanism acting as a facilitator of dialogue on energy issues and the international energy market. Its membership represents 90% of the global energy market from all geographic regions.


  • Targeting companies seeking expansion or exploring new opportunities in Mexico, ProMexico is conducting seminars in Leeds, on February 11, Manchester, on February 12; Birmingham on February 25, and in Glasgow on March 10, 2014.

LONDON, UK, February 11, 2014.- ProMéxico, the Mexican agency for international business and investment promotion, began today a tour in four key cities ok the UK with the aim of presenting Mexico as a business destination among UK businessmen, through specialized seminars .

As part of the strategy to position Mexico as a major player in global growth, these seminars will be held in Leeds on February 11; Manchester, February 12: Birmingham on February 25, and Glasgow on March 10, 2014, to offer entrepreneurs and potential British investors an overview of the Mexican economy, as well as the  benefits of the structural reforms recently adopted in key productive sectors such as energy and telecommunications, among others.

Through these events - with the participation of experts - ProMéxico is targeting those companies looking for expansion, planning to invest in new markets, develop profitable international supply chains or looking to explore new opportunities in Mexico.

In order to provide all the necessary information throughout experts, ProMéxico has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, UKTI, local Chambers of Commerce in each city, and Santander as the main sponsor.

For further information on each event, please visit:



Manchester:  Janine Gilbert This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



LONDON, England, January 30, 2014. - Ambassador of Mexico to the UK Diego Gomez Pickering spoke last night with British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg regarding his upcoming two day trip to Mexico, on February 4thh, leading a delegation of investors and businessmen.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats discussed in Spanish the details of his working visit, emphasising the importance of boosting the economic relationship with Mexico, where the UK currently stands as the fifth largest investing country and with whom the UK shares the goal to double the bilateral trade from $ 3.5 billion to $ 7 billion dollars by 2015.

During the reception held at the British Museum, Clegg addressed the media representatives –mostly from Latin America- detailing how this would be the first visit of its kind, with a total of 43 participants, including businessmen, CEO’s and entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors such as energy, finance, education, architecture and services.

The Deputy Prime Minister will travel to Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday, before reaching Mexico City the following Tuesday, where an increase of 9% in British exports was registered in 2013.

He explained that a large part of future economic growth will take place in Latin America, particularly in countries with open and reforming economies such as Mexico and Colombia, as the two nations experience extraordinary political and economic transformation.


LONDON, United Kingdom, January 31, 2014.- The Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) participated here in the TelecomFinance Conference 2014, to explain the scope and purpose of the structural reform recently approved in Mexico and the historic opportunity for foreign investors.

IFT’s Commissioner Fernando Borjon shared with experts and investors from all over the world the importance of the reform to ensure not only ideal conditions to promote infrastructure development in the sector, but also to promote national economic growth.

During his intervention entitled: Paradigm Shift on Telecommunications in Mexico, the Commissioner underscored the recent creation of the IFT as a new autonomous regulatory body to promote effective competition and universal service.

Mexico is expected to itself as the fifth largest country in the telecommunications industry worldwide, in 2015, surpassing even most European nations. For this reason, it was invited to participate in this international event.

In this regard, Mr Borjón recalled that next month will take place in the Mexican Congress the discussion of the sector’s secondary laws, which, once approved in the first quarter of this year, will facilitate domestic and foreign investment.


Photo courtesy of OMI

LONDON , England, January 29, 2014 - Ambassador of Mexico to the UK Diego Gomez Pickering visited the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to meet with the Secretary General, Koji Sekimizu, to whom he delivered his Letters of Credence as Permanent Representative of Mexico to the organization.

During the meeting, held at the iconic IMO Headquarters located on the banks of the Thames River, the Ambassador underlined the modernization efforts by Mexican Government in the port´s sector as well as the history of our country between two oceans and particularly on the development of transpacific trade. In this regard, the Secretary General commented on his interest of implementing a mechanism to promote the cultural heritage of the maritime industry and its positive impact worldwide.

Mr Sekimizu also referred the importance of the upcoming finalisation of the Polar Code, considered a milestone in the navigation of the Arctic and Antarctic, to establish security procedures for ships and tankers navigating in polar waters in the frame of the 100 years of the adoption of SOLAS Convention, the international instrument that protects human life at sea.

Before concluding the meeting, Ambassador Gómez Pickering reiterated the invitation to the Secretary General to conduct a working visit to Mexico, which could take place later this year.


LONDON , England, January 28, 2014 - The Training-School Tall Ship "Cuauhtémoc" of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR), was awarded for the third time The Boston Teapot Trophy by the prestigious organization Sail Training International, dedicated to the celebration of sailing competitions worldwide.

The event was held at the headquarters of the Royal Yacht Club in London with the participation of members of the Naval Attachés´ Association in the UK and specialists from the shipping industry.

On behalf of Mexico´s Secretary of Navy, Admiral Vidal Soberon, and the Commander and crew of the Training-School Vessel "Cuauhtémoc" Admiral Daniel Diaz Salas, Naval Attaché of Mexico in the UK, received such trophy from the Sail Training International´s director Paul Bishop.

The Boston Teapot Trophy is awarded annually to the sailboat that has covered the greatest distance in a period of 124 hours with a crew compiled mainly by cadets. The award celebrates this year half a century having been given for the first time in 1964 and continues to rotate it each year among the awarded tall ships.

For more information and history of TS Tall Ship Cuauhtémoc visit:


January 20, 2014


• At a date yet to be confirmed, Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering will be invited by Queen Elizabeth II to Buckingham Palace in order to personally present to her the original Letters of Credence through which President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, requested his accreditation.

London, England, January 20, 2014.- Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering presented today to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) a copy of the Letters of Credence accrediting him as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatic Representative of Mexico to the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and international agencies based in this country.

In a brief ceremony, Ambassador Gomez Pickering presented the documents to Anna Clunes, Her Majesty´s Vice-Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps and FCO´s Director of Protocol.

At a later date, yet to be confirmed, the Ambassador will be invited by the English Monarch to Buckingham Palace in order to formally present to her the original Letters of Credence through which President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, requested his accreditation.

As well as being a foreign affairs specialist, writer and journalist, Ambassador Gomez has previously collaborated with President Peña Nieto, and from December 2012 worked as the Director for Foreign Media within the Office of the Presidency. Moreover, he was head of Foreign Press Coordination for both President Peña Nieto´s presidential campaign and throughout his transition period as President elect.

He holds a B.A. in International Relations from ITAM, an M.A. on the same subject from the University of Columbia as well as a Postgraduate degree in Development Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India.

He has worked as a journalist for CNN in Mexico City and the Americas edition of the Wall Street Journal, in addition to spending time as an international correspondent for Panamanian newspaper La Prensa, as well as working for various other Mexican and Hispano-American publications such as Reforma, Excelsior and El Universal in the U.S., Mexico, East Africa and the Middle East.

He has worked as a consultant and advisor to agencies of the United Nations, including UNESCO, the United Nations’ Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development, the International Labour Organisation, the Office for Humanitarian Affairs Coordination and the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

Ambassador Gomez is an associate of the Mexican Council for International Affairs (COMEXI). He is also a member of the board of Child’s Fund Mexico and the American Society of Mexico.

Between 2008 and 2011 he lived in Damascus, Syria, where he worked as a communications consultant for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees.

Additionally, he spent time with the Mexican Foreign Service. In 2007 he was based in Nairobi, Kenya, where he worked as the Mexican Embassy´s cultural attaché. Said Diplomatic Mission represented Mexico to six neighbouring countries and was a focal point of the United Nations’ Human Settlements Programme; HABITAT.

In 2000, he lived in Hanover, Germany, where he was part of the public relations team in charge of the Mexican Government’s pavilion at the Universal Exhibition, showcased in said city.

He has published and edited more than a dozen books of prose and fiction, both individually and as part of collaborative works, such as Los Jueves en Nairobi (Thursday’s in Nairobi, 2010), and La Primavera de Damasco (Spring in Damascus 2013). His work has been translated in to English, French, Swahili, Arabic and Russian.

He has published numerous editorials and academic and journalistic articles over the past 16 years for various publications from Mexico, Latin America, Spain and the U.S.A., such as Foreign Affairs, the Journal of International Affairs and Letras Libres.

Gomez Pickering is multilingual, being fluent in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German and will be taking over from Ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza, who was posted to the United Kingdom in December 2009 and as of the 9th of January 2013, is head of the Embassy of Mexico to the United States of America.












La Embajada de México en Reino Unido, con el apoyo de PINTA, presenta la edición inaugural de “Camaradas: Concurso de Arte México y Reino Unido”.

Dado que el arte es esencialmente diálogo, esta Embajada pensó oportuno abrir una plataforma en la que artistas emergentes de México y Reino Unido puedan no tan solo aprender uno del otro, sino desvelar coincidencias entre ambos países. Asimismo, Camaradas busca abrir un espacio para que artistas emergentes entren en contacto con galeristas, coleccionistas, curadores y artistas consolidados.



  • Un artista mexicano basado en Reino Unido y un artista británico (menores de 30 años) deberán volverse camaradas y presentar una propuesta (200-700 palabras) acerca de un pieza a realizar por cada artista. Las obras deben entablar un diálogo sobre un tema que elija la pareja. Las obras deberán ser algún tipo de arte visual. (Ej. Una pareja elige el tema del “tiempo”, de manera que presenta una propuesta de una escultura por el artista mexicano y una pintura del artista británico que abordan dicho tema).
  • Cada pareja debe llenar el formato de registro para ingresar al concurso y enviar una selección de fotografías de sus obras pasadas (en formato Jpg).
  • El artista mexicano deberá enviar una copia escaneada de su permiso de residencia vigente en Reino Unido.
  • Haz click aquí para descargar el formato de registro.
  • La propuesta, el formato del registro y las imágenes de obras pasadas deberán ser enviadas a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • La fecha de cierre de la convocatoria será el 31 de Marzo 2013.
  • Al solicitar tu entrada al concurso, la Embajada presumirá que aceptas los términos y condiciones del mismo.

  • Un panel de jueces compuesto por figuras destacadas del mundo del arte elegirán las diez mejores propuestas. Las 10 parejas seleccionadas serán notificadas de esto el 8 de abril.
  • Las parejas seleccionadas tendrán un mes para hacer la obra que presentarán en el concurso, así como entregarlo en las oficinas de la Embajada de México en Reino Unido, a más tardar el 30 de abril de 2013.

•    Las veinte obras se presentarán en la primera exposición de Camaradas en la Residencia Oficial de México en Reino Unido. Durante dicho evento se ofrecerá una recepción en honor de los camaradas seleccionados, al que asistirán también figuras destacadas del medio artístico de Reino Unido.

•    El panel de jueces de Camaradas elegirá a la mejor pareja, cuya obra se presentará en PINTA, la Feria de Art Moderno y Contemporáneo en Londres (3 al 7 de junio, 2013).


1.    El concurso estará abierto exclusivamente para artistas británicos y mexicanos de 30 años o menores que residan en el Reino Unido. Los artistas mexicanos deben de comprobar su residencia legal en el país.
2.    Toda información detallando la entrada a la competencia forma parte de éstos términos y condiciones. Es necesario que el concursante acepte el  reglamento y se acate a él.
3.    Todas las propuestas deben de ser entregadas antes de las 23:59  del 31 de marzo del 2013.
4.    Todas las propuestas enviadas deben ser originales. Todas las piezas de arte deben ser creadas por la persona que las envía y no deben haber sido publicadas en ninguna parte o haber ganado algún concurso o premio anteriormente (esto no aplica a las piezas que integran el portafolio).
5.    La propuesta no debe ser difamatoria, obscena o que viole alguna regulación o legislación.
6.    Todos los concursantes deben de registrarse al concurso con su nombre, correo electrónico, edad, dirección postal y aceptando los términos y condiciones.
7.    Los ganadores serán elegidos por un panel de jueces seleccionados por la Embajada de México, la cual se reserva el derecho de agregar o sustituir a cualquiera de los jueces sin necesidad de notificación previa.
8.    Al enviar la propuesta con la pieza de arte y el portafolio, el concursante acepta que él/ella tiene los derechos sobre los mencionados.
9.    Al entrar al concurso, el artista da su consentimiento a la Embajada de México en Reino Unido para utilizar su nombre, pieza, portafolio y la biografía que el concursante cite en su formato de registro en mercadotecnia, anuncios, material educativo o publicidad llevada a cabo por la Embajada de México en su página de internet, redes sociales (Facebook, Twitter y Twitter) y boletines informativos sin notificación previa o compensación. La Embajada de México puede publicar o no publicar, usar o no usar, cualquier trabajo enviado y el concursante retiene todos los derechos de propiedad igual que los derechos para publicar o usar sus piezas.
10.    Los concursantes deberán cubrir todos los gastos y costos del transporte de sus piezas. La Embajada de México no se hará responsable por el posible daño y/o pérdida de las obras que estas puedan sufrir durante cualquier etapa del concurso.
11.    El veredicto de la Embajada así como de los jueces que conforman el panel del concurso es final y no podrá ser apelado.
12.    La Embajada de México no se hará responsable por el daño o pérdida de las obras que entren al concurso, así como reservarse el derecho a rechazar las obras que no se adecuen a las reglas del concurso. Asimismo, la Embajada de México no se hará responsable por problemas técnicos que imposibiliten la transmisión de la solicitud de ingreso al concurso.
13.    Los datos de contacto personales de los concursantes que recopile la Embajada de México (dirección de correo electrónico y número de teléfono) no se utilizará para fines ulteriores a los especificados en estos términos y condiciones, a menos que los concursantes otorguen su consentimiento explícito para obrar de otra manera en circunstancias extraordinarios y no previstas en estos términos y condiciones. La Embajada de México recopila dicha información para fines de registro, evaluación y mantener informados a los concursantes.
14.    Al entrar a este concurso, los concursantes están de acuerdo en deslindar a la Embajada de México en Reino Unido de cualquier responsabilidad respecto a por la pérdida o daño de cualquier tipo que puedan sufrir los concursantes en actividades relacionadas al concurso.
15.    La Embajada de México se reserva el derecho de modificar, cancelar o suspender el concurso  en caso de que acontezcan circunstancias no previstas por la Embajada. La Embajada de México no se hará responsable por errores u omisiones que puedan existir en el material publicitario relacionado a este concurso. El concurso se regirá de acuerdo a estos términos y condiciones, sujetos a las modificaciones que considere pertinentes la Embajada de México en Reino Unido, que se reserva el derecho a cancelar, modificar o suspender el concurso y/o sus términos y condiciones a su discreción y sin notificación previa.
16.    Los concursantes deben cumplir con las reglas y términos y condiciones de este concurso y se considerará que las han aceptado y entendido en caso de participar en el concurso.
17.    Favor de enviar cualquier tipo de dudas al siguiente correo electrónico: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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